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What is NFT Technology? 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are a class of digital assets that are not interchangeable. This means that each NFT is unique and different from another. As a type of cryptographic token, NFTs are underpinned by blockchain technology. This makes them traceable across an immutable digital ledger, providing a verifiable history of the assets. NFTs cannot be destroyed, replicated or forged. 

In practical terms, NFTs are being utilised in a number of different ways, not just within the crypto community, but increasingly, among some of the worlds largest commercial entities.

Selected NFT Use Cases

A wide variety of NFT use cases are being applied across a range of industries, from real estate to supply chain, sports, music and more…


Digital Collectibles

NFTs in the form of digital collectibles are helping sports teams, the music industry and artists to not only increase fan engagement, but to unlock highly-profitable new revenue streams. This next generation of collectibles underpinned by non-fungible tokens are easily tradeable, provably-unique on the underlying blockchain, and cannot deteriorate like their physical counterparts. Extremely popular with younger, digital-native fans, NFT Digital Collectibles are helping the sports and music industries cater to a global fanbase digitally. 

Track and Trace

NFT technology is revolutionising the supply chain. Utilising NFTs as digital twins, and assigning them to individual goods or assets means a full, immutable, provable and shareable view of assets as they flow through the supply chain ecosystem. From tracking raw materials, to authenticating luxury goods, non-fungible tokens on the blockchain are being used to identify the provenance, journey and legitimacy of goods from source to shelf.

Fractionalised Real-Estate Ownership

Whether representing virtual real-estate in gaming ecosystems, or physical real estate such as houses, NFTs allow for the fractionalised ownership of property. This means individuals can invest in a share of a property with others, at a portion of the property’s total cost — significantly lowering the barriers to entry for real-estate ownership. Peer-to-peer sales and transfer are made easy by NFT technology with all transactions recorded on the blockchain. Smart contracts can even execute according to pre-defined conditions, reducing the reliance on intermediaries and accelerating the process.

In-Game Assets

The market for in-game assets continues to grow. Yet, despite the heightened demand, concerns around ownership continue to plague the industry. NFT technology offers a solution in the form of transferable digital assets that users can prove definitive ownership of — thanks to the underlying blockchain technology. What’s more, NFTs can be stored securely in personal wallets, cannot be replicated or forged, and can even be transferred across platforms and ported across different games. All this means greater utility and value for gamers.

Why use NFT Technology?

The transferability, adaptability and scarcity of NFTs is leading to the adoption of NFT technology to tokenise a wide range of assets. They can be used to create digital twins of physical assets, simplify transactions, remove intermediaries and improve business processes. Key attributes of NFTs include:


NFTs can be used to create one-of-a-kind digital assets. No two NFTs are the same and each individual NFT token is provably-unique and visible on the blockchain.


Ownership, source and movement of each NFT is visible on the associated blockchain, giving a transparent and traceable overview of NFT assets in real-time.


NFTs cannot be forged or replicated. Each token is underpinned by an immutable digital ledger and decentralised network, allowing tokens to be authenticated.


Non-Fungible Tokens are highly adaptable, powering a large number of NFT use cases and applications. They can be purchased or traded across various DLTs.

Building your NFT Strategy

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