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A Truly Adaptable Blockchain Platform

At the core of Protokol's enterprise blockchain technology is the ARK Core platform. An industry-leading blockchain development platform that enables the creation of bespoke blockchain solutions. Solutions that adapt to, and seamlessly integrate with, complex enterprise systems, networks and infrastructure.


Seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure and other blockchain platforms


Modular architecture paired with customisable frameworks and plugins means complete flexibility


Our solutions scale in line with your business’s growth, operations and expectations


Founded in cryptography, our technology delivers a robust platform that protects data

High Performing

Majoring on performance, our enterprise-grade core powers a high-performing platform


A simplified process to updating and syncing nodes means uninterrupted networks and performance

Platform Features

Permissioned Networks

With ARK Core, your blockchain solution can be deployed on the network type that best suits your use-case objectives. This option means you can have complete control to define custom user permissions and rights among network stakeholders, allowing you to sustain the optimal balance between network governance and capability.

Custom Business Logic

With ARK Core, your custom business logic is implemented to support the deployment of your network, harmonising your existing applications and services with your blockchain solution. Our more flexible and robust version of smart contracts powers endless use-cases and the adaptability of our platform.

Further to this, standard public REST APIs, Public RPC, Webhook support and event-based architecture means that interoperability is baked into the heart of our platform.

Custom Deployment Options

Your solution is deployed with the same flexibility used to create it. Nodes can be hosted with an established cloud service provider, on-premises or a combination of both. Depending on the network type that best fits the use-case, we will recommend the best option and can even take care of hosting for you.

Integrating Blockchain With Your Business

Bringing blockchain use cases to life in your business is made simple with Protokol. The ARK Core blockchain platform acts as a pluggable blockchain foundation that leverages your existing infrastructure to deliver an incredibly powerful solution with a greater ROI.

Start Building Proof-of-Concepts With ARK Core

Our blockchain products, tools, SDKs and documentation provide developers with everything they need to start experimenting and testing with the ARK Core platform.

Create and Deploy Your Custom Blockchain

Build, customise and launch your fully bespoke blockchain in a few simple steps with ARK Deployer. [A GUI version of this tool is coming soon]

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Design and Build Your Custom Business Logic

ARK Smart Transactions are a more flexible and robust alternative to smart contracts, allowing developers to easily integrate their application logic (custom APIs, storage, events & webhooks) and bring any use case to life.

Start Building

ARK Core Platform SDKs, APIs and Tools

If you’re a developer keen to get a better understanding of our technology by diving into the code, then head on over to our GitHub. Here you’ll find all of ARK technologies and repositories.

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Get Help Building With ARK Core

Looking for supporting documentation? Our developer resources and documentation provide you with additional information, instructions and technical specifications

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Book a Platform Demo

Learn more about our platform and how it can bring blockchain use cases to life in your organisation.

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