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What We Offer

Digital Advisory

An advisory based service focussing on identifying where and how new technology fits into your digital transformation strategy

Blockchain Consulting

A consultancy-led service focusing on your business’s challenges, the discovery of blockchain innovation opportunities, and solution advisory

Blockchain Engineering

Custom blockchain development and integration services to build anything from PoCs to large-scale solution deployments

What Makes Us Different

Streamlined Approach

Our streamlined approach makes bringing blockchain to your business simple. With accelerated processes, we remove unnecessary bloat and get you from POC to ROI faster.

Reduced Complexity

We make implementation look easy. By integrating with existing systems and applications we reduce complexity. Minimising disruption and reducing the burden on your internal teams.

Custom Solutions

Just like our technology, our solutions are incredibly flexible. We look at what matters most to your business then build a custom solution that solves your unique challenges.

Expert Service

Our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. From assessment and analysis to compliance; our world-class service goes beyond just solution implementation.

Who We Help


Blockchain solutions for Esports are enabling teams to create fan-centric ecosystems that engage and reward fans whilst encouraging profit-building behaviour. Blockchain technology is also helping teams generate immutable fan behavioural data for more informed decision making.

It’s even creating permissioned ecosystems of trust that enable teams to seamlessly share this data with partners — helping to build more transparent and profitable business relationships, while generating a better ROI for sponsors.


Traditional Sports

Blockchain technology in the sports industry is helping teams drive greater fan engagement and traceability whilst unlocking additional revenue streams, through solutions such as fan tokens, digital collectibles and enhanced loyalty programmes.

Blockchain is even helping the wider sports entertainment industry combat age-old challenges related to ticketing fraud and protecting fans from bad actors by unlocking innovations such as provably-fair sports betting.



For the telecom industry, blockchain technology is facilitating innovation and enabling automation. Key industry challenges surrounding roaming fraud, 5G enablement and IoT connectivity, as well as Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and SLA monitoring are all addressable by leveraging blockchain-based solutions.

Plus, by dramatically enhancing data security, blockchain is enabling telecoms providers to unlock new opportunities surrounding identity management — paving the way for the telecommunications industry to diversify, evolve and grow.


Energy & Utilities

With the help of innovative blockchain technology, the energy and utilities sector is transforming the way it operates. Dramatically-enhanced levels of data integrity and transparency are unlocking new business streams and generating cost savings.

Blockchain enabled smart-grids are facilitating new ways of consuming and trading energy as well as increasing grid efficiency. Better oversight and regulation of renewable energy credits made possible by blockchain is also helping to optimise energy usage.


Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is revolutionising supply chain management. It’s building global supply chain ecosystems of interconnected players — all aligned like never before — to help to drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve traceability.

It’s enhancing data security, while enabling all members of the chain to achieve greater oversight and control of both inventory and suppliers. Plus, it’s allowing for provable sustainability by providing verifiable (and immutable) records of origin.


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