DPPs can deliver a single source of truth as products move through the supply chain.

Transparency, trust and supply chain oversight are all enhanced with a Digital Product Passport.

The product data made accessible via Digital Product Passports can revolutionise a wide variety of business processes especially within SCM. Transparent data sharing amongst actors in the supply chain leads to increased oversight and control, enables provable provenance of products, and facilitates real-time audit trails on a granular level.


Increased Transparency

Improve data accuracy and increase transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Digital Product Passports are helping to solve challenges relating to data transparency, accuracy and more across the supply chain. With real-time, verifiable, and even immutable data linked directly to individual products, SCMs can gain a more accurate overview of product lifecycles as products move through the supply chain. Plus, with DPPs accessible to various entities across the supplier ecosystem, silos are removed, information is exchanged more freely and ambiguity is reduced.

Enhanced Traceability

Accurately trace products across the supply chain and beyond.

With unique product identifiers, physical data carriers on products, and an easily accessible record of each product, DPPs are significantly enhancing the traceability of products through the supply chain, all the way through to the end-customer. Detailed information on source, status, ownership, and more can all be accessed through the DPP, dramatically improving traceability. For organisations, real-time insight on everything from product location, to condition, status and provenance, all accessible via a DPP, is enhancing processes and increasing profitability.


Detailed Product Lifecycle Analysis

Utilise and inform LCA data to increase accuracy and show sustainability.

DPPs can provide authentic and detailed data on a product’s lifecycle, which enables more accurate LCAs. Rather than relying on generalisations, estimates and averages often used in LCAs in lieu of actual data; DPPs can provide accurate, verifiable data on a granular level that can strengthen the validity of LCAs. The accessible nature of DPPs also means that this information can be extracted for easy reporting, and can be shared across business functions, shared with regulators and even with customers.


Digital Product Passports provide numerous benefits for organisations and their supplier ecosystems, helping to deliver accurate, traceable and accessible product data.
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Better Visibility of Products

By facilitating real-time insight into a product’s status and it's lifecycle, DPPs can facilitate more informed decision making across the supply chain and even inform the creation or transport future batches.
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Easily Accessible Records

Individual product records are easily accessible and shareable, removing silos and enhancing traceability. Integration with legacy systems or the use of a DPP app (for customers) makes information instantly accessible.
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Strengthened Relationships

A transparent verifiable single-source of product data increases trust and strengthens supplier relationships. With data readily available, processes can be optimised, efficiencies can be facilitated and integrity can be assured.
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Combat Fraud & Counterfeits

With product authentication made incredibly easy via DPPs, the risk of counterfeit product entering the market is almost completely removed. Plus, with immutable records on various metrics, supplier fraud can also be mitigated.
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DPPs are being mandated by the EU: Act now to ensure compliance

The EU is in the final stages of drafting a raft of legislation that mandate the use of Digital Product Passports across various industries and product groups. Businesses that operate in textiles, electronics, construction, batteries, chemicals, plastics and more will need to implement the technology in the near future (starting as early as 2027 for some industries). For those businesses seeking to implement a DPP solution that unlocks real value, the time to begin is now.


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Unlock verifiable, and traceable product data to facilitate transparency across the supply chain.

  • Facilitate data sharing, provide a single source of truth and increase transparency throughout the supply chain.
  • Trace products as the move through the supply chain and beyond.
  • Improve accuracy of LCAs by utilising accurate, verifiable data from DPPs


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