Areas of Expertise

Our in-house specialties cover the full spectrum of web3.


We’re experts in blockchain solution design & deployment, custom smart contracts, wallet design, network testing, contract audits, implementation, integration and more.


Our experts have a wealth of NFT experience, including creating bespoke NFTs, developing NFT marketplaces, building NFT ecosystems, and advising on NFT strategies for your business.

Digital Product Passports

We create DPPs to track physical objects as they move across the supply chain, to prove authenticity, verify sustainability, demonstrate ownership and more.

Digital Identiity

We enable our clients to offer incredibly secure identity solutions for their customers, via the creation of Decentralised Digital Identities and Self-Sovereign Identities.


Our passion for decentralised finance empowers us to create revolutionary financial solutions that enable the creation of transparent, rewarding and regenerative economies.


Protokol offer expertise in creating and managing DAOs. We can help you create a DAO tailored to your specific needs, and help navigate the complex legal landscape around DAOs.


We offer guidance to projects in the gaming space on how to implement and successfully benefit from GameFi strategies. Covering play-to-earn models, economic engines and more.


Our team work with our clients in this space to help them explore how NFTs can be utilised in the metaverse, in a way that adds real value and enhances the user experience.

Our Capabilities

We specialise in a wide range of web3 and web2 based technologies.

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