Unleash the Power of Digital Assets

Having taken the world by storm over the past few years, organisations and startups across all industries are exploring the value that NFTs, digital assets and tokenisation can have on their business. Protokol helps teams build, scale and expand their NFT capability, unlocking new use-cases and value that has previously remained hidden.

What We Offer

We create custom NFT solutions for our clients, delivered to your exact specifications. Our web3 development team specialise in crafting tailored, scalable NFT platforms, smart contracts and interactive dApps – enabling you to fully unleash the power of NFTs and digital assets across your business and for your users.

We build custom NFT marketplaces, launchpads and storefronts to specified requirements. We deliver everything from UI/UX design and onboarding to wallet integration, to smart contracts, to multi-currency support and payment APIs. Ultimately, we design and build full-scale marketplaces that help brands connect with their users and deliver a seamless NFT experience, even for users new to web3.

As experts in Ethereum and Solidity, we build scalable and secure ERC-721/ERC-1155 smart contracts for custom deployment — powering your dApp, project or use-case. This includes tokenising physical products and creating digital twins to enable Digital Product Passports, along with building custom metadata for tokens that power your web3 community.

Comprehensive development of NFT ecosystems, building dApps, marketplaces, gated web properties, custom smart contracts and more. All designed to help clients deliver their full web3 vision, enable them to fully integrate NFTs into their business and to facilitate widespread web3 community building. This includes traditional development, mobile and UI design and more — ensuring a smooth implementation, onboarding and user experience.

Why Protokol?

We maintain a flexible approach to building NFT and digital asset solutions — meaning we can build any dApp, marketplace or ecosystem for everyone from startups, to large organisations.

NFT Experts

We have been advising and building NFT solutions for several years. We're highly knowledgeable on best-practice, technology trends and business implications. We can help you either build a new solution or scale your existing solution.

Ecosystem Approach

The utility of your NFT solution must be fully explored in the context of your whole ecosystem to truly maximise ROI and value. We take a fully holistic approach that considers your business, your users, your partners and the wider ecosystem.

Business Understanding

We strive to understand your business objectives and tokenisation strategy — enabling us to fine tune the utility and integrations of your NFT solution. This maximises the value to your business and your users.

Key Outcomes

Whether you’re a web3 native project, or a traditional web2 organisation looking to implement tokenisation and build a web3 community around the technology — we deliver NFT dApps, marketplaces and solutions for your business. As experts in Solidity, we have everything clients need to build and deploy their NFT solution at scale on the most popular and liquid NFT blockchain ecosystem.

User Focussed

Despite its enormous popularity, the NFT space can be overly complex for users new to web3. We help lower the barriers to entry and streamline the onboarding process by building solutions that abide by UX best practices. We reinforce this by optimising the technical layer and integrating microservices such as easy to use payment gateways and KYC plugins.

Bespoke Solutions

Tokenisation is a complex topic and so are businesses, which is why we take a custom approach to planning and developing your solution — even if it’s a common use-case. We integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure, whilst staying true to web3 by building inclusive platforms and ecosystems that are open and accessible to your current and future users.


The web3 and NFT space moves quickly, with the technology already evolving in the few short years since its inception. The key to maximising the value from tokenisation is to focus on the utility and value that your solution provides — whilst also paying attention to the problems that it solves. We advise and build with a utility-first mindset which futureproofs your solution.

Protokol changed the game for dVIN. We brought them on board for their technical expertise, and they surpassed our expectations with their capabilities around dApps and NFTs. Their design team and developers understood our requirements to the letter – this made Protokol an ideal partner to help deliver our vision. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership and working together to add new features and functionalities as Club dVIN’s platform evolves.

David Garrett Co-Founder of Club Dvin

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