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Setting the scene for DPPs within the construction industry.

$9.7 Trillion

The total value of global construction work in 2022.


The fraction of EU waste attributable to construction.


Of all raw materials used are for construction.


Of global CO2 emissions are generated by construction.
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DPPs can provide a platform for sharing product sustainability information with construction stakeholders

More than just a tool for verifying sustainable and responsible manufacturing in line with ESPR and Construction Product Regulation – Digital Product Passports are a tool for enabling widespread business transformation.

DPP Impact

Digital Product Passports can store data relating to each product at a granular level, giving a holistic view of its whole lifecycle and environmental impact. The data DPPs contain can provide organisations with an immutable audit trail for compliance with upcoming legislation, as well as give valuable insight into an organisation’s supply chain operations.


Sustainable Construction

DPPs within construction materials can contain sustainability information such as raw material sourcing and manufacturing details, enabling downstream stakeholders in the industry to make environmentally conscious supply decisions, ultimately leading to more sustainable construction projects.

Advanced Safety

DPPs contain durability and safety information for construction materials and products which can be updated. This empowers construction companies to more accurately predict the longevity of each component and to identify and anticipate potential safety issues within their projects far ahead of time.

Supply Chain Traceability

DPPs enable swift supply chain traceability for construction components, helping brands verify their safety credentials and improving upstream visibility. This enables manufacturers to remove unscrupulous suppliers from their supply chain, which can help to protect brand integrity and mitigate negative reputational impact.

DPPs are going to be mandated for construction products made or sold within the EU.

The construction industry is required to make significant changes.

DPPs enable organisations to satisfy the regulatory requirements that will be imposed by the ESPR and CPR, which mandate the implementation of DPPs in some industries as early as 2030. For organisations that want to future-proof their operations and gain a first-mover advantage, it would be best to start considering a DPP solution now.


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  • Capture key upstream data from across the sourcing, manufacturing and sales process
  • Manage your product portfolio, from a birds-eye view to an individual, granular perspective
  • Connect DPPs with your existing ERP or LCA system seamlessly


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