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Empowering Brands and Customers

By capturing and storing product, manufacturing and ownership data on an immutable blockchain, the trust, traceability and transparency of this data is significantly increased. From provable ownership to an easy way to prove brand authenticity, the Protokol Digital Product Passport solves key challenges for luxury brands and their customers alike.

Provable Sustainability

Validate that material sourcing and manufacturing processes abide by ethical and sustainable standards.

Digital Twins

Create an immutable digital identity and record of a physical product’s lifecycle and history.

Identify Counterfeits

Prove product authenticity to combat counterfeit goods and fraudulent supplier practices.

Resale Verification

Verify goods and easily transfer ownership data from one party to another – optimising the resale process.

Real-Time Digital Certificate

The Protokol Digital Product Passport can be likened to a secure and immutable digital certificate that captures and stores all related product information in real-time onto an immutable blockchain. The collected data points can be configured inline with the actual product and can be accessed by both brands and the end-user via dedicated applications.


Details of current and previous product owners including their credentials and an audit trail of ownership timeframes.


View major and minor events that occurred throughout a product’s lifecycle from manufacturing to present day ownership.


Explore information on the origin of raw materials and components used in the manufacturing process of the product.


Discover information on product breakdown, damage or incidents that required resolution, repair or service.


Details on product warranties, insurance and manufacturer guarantees across a product's lifetime including expiry & repurchase data.


Identify changes in product ownership and exchanges between buyers and sellers and initiate new transactions.

Key Components

At the core of the Protokol Digital Product Passport are mechanisms to significantly improve the traceability, transparency and tradability of physical luxury goods and products.


Information related to raw material origin, component sourcing and supplier networks is captured and stored. This verifies that sustainability criteria and ethical standards were met throughout the entire manufacturing process whilst proving authenticity — combatting counterfeits.


Full details of all timepiece lifecycle events such as repairs, services and upgrades are captured and updated via an associated online account. Further to this, original warranty information and manufacturer guarantees can also be stored and easily accessed via an application.


Details on current and historical ownership along with a chronological list of owner transactions and exchanges between buyers and sellers are captured on the Digital Product Passport. Through the same app, current owners can easily initiate new transactions – optimising the resale process.

Protokol Digital Product Passport Benefits

A transparent overview of a product’s lifecycle provides buyers with increased trust and confidence when making purchase decisions as they are provided a guarantee as to a product’s authenticity, sustainability and state.

By combating against the forgery and counterfeit market – brands are able to protect both their brand and their customers through ensuring the legitimacy of products being sold and resold.

Enabling oversight of events and transactions throughout a product’s lifecycle and providing customers/buyers with full visibility of this data protects the value of the product by providing clarity related to a product’s source, status or history.

Organisations are provided with a mechanism for proving that they comply with both ethical and sustainable sourcing and practices with secure data detailing the sourcing of raw materials and the manufacturing process.

How It Works

Protokol’s fully customisable Digital Product Passport solution features secure and immutable digital twins of physical products, viewable by both luxury brands and their customers via the dedicated applications.

Elevating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

Next-gen loyalty programs, embedded communication/marketing channels, and NFT digital asset functionality can be built into the Digital Product Passport — both offering enhanced customer experiences and entry into the Metaverse used to engage younger audiences.

Digital Product Passport: Complete Guide

Learn more about the opportunities and implications of Digital Product Passports with our comprehensive guide.


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