Improve product circularity, supply chain traceability and the customer experience

More than just a tool for verifying sustainable and responsible manufacturing inline with ESPR legislation and circularity initiatives – Digital Product Passports are a tool for enabling widespread business transformation. DPPs power improved data transparency and asset traceability across entire supply chains and even unlock an entirely new customer experience channel.


Product Sustainability & Circularity

DPPs facilitate improved product recyclability and end-of-life process.

  • Prove compliance with EU sustainability guidelines and the incoming ESPR legislation.
  • Capture and record product sustainability data to verify environmental impact.
  • Track and log notable events from across the full lifecycle to build an accurate product history.


Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability

DPPs enable a more streamlined, accurate and efficient supply chain.

  • Improve data accuracy and increase transparency throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Trace raw material and resource provenance to accurately illustrate proof-of-source.
  • Easily verify product authenticity and effectively combat the counterfeit market.


Customer Experience & Engagement

DPPs enable brands to directly engage with their customers.

  • Unlock a new channel for direct user engagement to improve the customer experience.
  • Enable immutable customer ownership and drive more efficient resale processes.
  • Integrate your loyalty platform to incentivise sustainable behaviour and reward recycling.

Platform Features

Powerful features to create secure, flexible and compliant Digital Product Passports.

ERP Integration

Integrate with your ERP and other business systems for seamless data syncing and DPP creation.


Utilise a blockchain-based DPP platform to enable data immutability and greater data security.

EU Compliant

Build DPPs that fully comply with the data requirements mandated by the ESPR legislation.

Access Rights

Build DPPs with customisable access rights for the various stakeholders within your ecosystem.

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Digital Product Passports are a complex technology that directly impacts your entire supply chain ecosystem. Read our guide to learn more about the opportunities and implications of DPP.

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Digital Product Passports unlock a wide range of powerful use-cases for organisations, consumers and regulators.
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Provable Sustainability

Accurately assess the sustainability and recyclability of products along with their environmental impact – sharing verifiable claims with customer and regulators.
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Lifecycle Tracking

Record key events from throughout a product’s lifecycle including repairs, maintenance and upgrades – building a fully transparent product history accessible by multiple stakeholders.
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Data Transparency

Real-time audit trails of asset, data and documentation flows – increasing transparency, trust and data accuracy throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem.
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Trace Provenance

Enable customers to track the origin and source of the raw materials and resources used within the product manufacturing process – improving consumer trust.
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Combat Counterfeits

Digital twins of a physical product enable customer to verify the authenticity of their product through the associated DPP and combat illegal counterfeits.
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Customer Engagement

Directly interface with your customers to deliver services, support and digital documentation through the DPP that can also integrate with your loyalty platform.
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Ownership Verification

Allow customers to claim immutable ownership of their products that can be easily transferred to new buyers - transforming resale market processes.
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Regulatory Compliance

Verify compliance with the EU’s incoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and prove your organisation is meeting circularity objectives.
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Key Benefits

From organisations, to consumers, to regulators and more – digital passports provide benefits for all.

By recording events across the full lifecycle of products from manufacturing all the way to recyclability or disposal – businesses can offer consumers a fully transparent view into the authenticity and state of the product they are purchasing. This effectively increases buyer confidence and can maximise retention and loyalty.

Greenwashing is becoming a serious issue that is tainting the reputation of companies who are making legitimate claims. Through a digital passport, the sustainability attributes and claims are fully validated and secured on an immutable blockchain network. This also enables businesses to optimise their circular strategy and become a sustainability leader in face of increasing demand from their customer bases to do so.

By ensuring that the raw materials and manufacturing processes abide by pre-set standards, businesses can protect their customers from illegitimate, dangerous and sub-par raw materials and end-products. By extension, this protects the brand from negative PR issues such as product recalls and incidents caused by product defects.

Digital passports enable consumers to make more informed purchase choices related to the sustainability performance of the brands they buy from. As consumers are beginning to increasingly favour brands that back-up their green-claims, digital passports are a perfect tool.

Many consumers who are seeking more sustainable responsibility from their chosen brands are looking to improve their own performance and reduce their carbon footprint. Depending on the type of product, accurate data on energy consumption and environmental impact can be gathered from an associated digital passport.

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