DPPs enable brands to build stronger relationships with customers.

Transparency, trust and the customer experience are all enhanced with a Digital Product Passport.

The benefits of DPPs aren’t limited to the organisations implementing them. For consumers, DPPs are a valuable tool that enables easy and direct access to information on a product’s sustainability, durability, repairability, authenticity and much more. By utilising DPPs, brands can better inform, share data with, and engage their customers in a way that greatly improves the overall customer experience.


Transparent Data Sharing

Easily share product sustainability data with customers to build trust.

Consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase from brands that emphasise sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. But with greenwashing abundant, knowing which brands to trust can be challenging. DPPs are an incredibly effective tool for substantiating sustainability claims by sharing product lifecycle data directly with customers. Not only does sharing of sustainability data allow customers to make more informed purchasing decisions, but the transparency greatly increases customer trust and brand perception.

Product Authentication

Enable reliable product authentication via Digital Product Passports.

With the counterfeit market still a big problem for brands and customers alike, and numerous processes for verifying products (which are often inefficient, expensive and incomplete); ensuring that your product is authentic can be a minefield for consumers. DPPs are a revolutionary tool that can enable consumers to quickly, effectively and inexpensively identify whether or not a product that they own (or intend to buy) is in fact authentic — enhancing trust and protecting customers from counterfeits.

Direct Engagement

Directly interface with your customers to deliver services, support and more through the DPP.

DPPs facilitate the sharing of helpful information, in relation to warranty, repairability and more in an easy-to-access format for customers. This both ensures that your products continue to add value to your customers long after purchase, but also enables a direct line of communication/engagement with your customer base. Integrating loyalty platforms within the DPP (for example, to reward recycling or offer discounts on related products) can further improve the customer experience and strengthen customer relationships.


Digital Product Passports provide numerous benefits for organisations and their customers, helping to build trust and enhance the customer experience.
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Greater Transparency

With DPPs, brands can be more transparent in their operations, sharing information that proves the provenance of raw materials, verifies sustainability claims and more.
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Increased Consumer Trust

Brands can gain the trust of their customers who can access all the information they need to substantiate sustainability claims, prove authenticity and judge the durability of products via DPPs.
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Direct Customer Engagement

Brands can directly interface with customers to deliver services, support and digital documentation through the DPP. Helping to strengthen relationships and improve the customer experience.
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Provable Authenticity

DPPs allow customers to easily authenticate products. Fast and easy verification of second-hand goods helps customers to better navigate the resale market, and enables brands to unlock new revenue streams.
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DPPs are being mandated by the EU: Act now to ensure compliance

The EU is in the final stages of drafting a raft of legislation that mandate the use of Digital Product Passports across various industries and product groups. Businesses that operate in textiles, electronics, construction, batteries, chemicals, plastics and more will need to implement the technology in coming years. For those businesses seeking to implement a DPP solution that unlocks real value, the time to begin preparation is now.


Our Platform

Create, manage & integrate DPPs

Protokol’s Digital Product Passport delivers key information that enhances the customer experience and unlocks a new channel for brands to directly engage with their customer base.

  • Share immutable data relating to sustainability, a product’s lifecycle, and environmental impact.
  • Directly engage customers via the DPP with value-adding content, information and even rewards.
  • Verify product authenticity and even proof-of-ownership to facilitate resale opportunities for customers.


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