DPPs help enable the circular economy and reduce environmental harm caused through manufacturing.

Sustainable manufacturing and minimised material waste are key to the EU’s sustainability goals.

Digital Product Passports lay the foundation for capturing accurate sustainability, environmental and recycling product data from across the entire value chain – driving circularity, re-manufacturing and enabling consumers to track their carbon footprint.


Provable Sustainability

Capture and record product sustainability data to verify environmental impact.

Capture key upstream data from across the sourcing and manufacturing process related to the environmental impact of production. Organisations can accurately assess the sustainability of their products and manufacturing process whilst sharing verifiable claims with customers and regulators.


Lifecycle Tracking

Track and log notable events from across the full lifecycle to build an accurate product history.

Record key events from throughout a product’s lifecycle including repairs, maintenance and upgrades – building a fully transparent product history. End-of-life, disposal and recycling events are also logged, enabling more efficient remanufacturing and circularity processes.

DPP Benefits

Digital Product Passports provide numerous benefits for organisations, consumers, legislators and many other stakeholders.
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Prove Compliance

Verify compliance with incoming EU legislation focussed on improving sustainability throughout the entire value chain.
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Tackle Greenwashing

Prove your sustainability claims with verifiable data from throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process.
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Empower Customers

Provide a tool for your customers to identify and reduce their own carbon footprint through accurate lifecycle data.n.
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Drive Innovation

The circular economy opens new business opportunities like product-as-a-service and improves customer centricity.
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The ESPR legislation will mandate DPPs in many major industries by 2030

Digital Product Passports are a complex topic that will involve most of your value chain ecosystem. Under the ‘Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation’ (ESPR), organisations across textiles, electronics, construction, batteries, chemicals, plastics and more will need to implement the technology in coming years – but now is the time to begin preparing.


Our Platform

Create, manage & integrate Digital Product Passports

Track the full product lifecycle, accurately record sustainability data and validate compliance with the EU’s incoming ESPR legislation from across your entire value chain.

  • Integrate with your ERP and other business systems for real-time data sharing.
  • Customisable access rights for the various stakeholders within your ecosystem.
  • Blockchain-based for improved data immutability, data security and transparency.


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