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We help enterprises across key industries such as telecoms, energy and SCM to streamline operations, automate critical processes and unlock revenue streams through enterprise blockchain solutions. With digital transformation sitting at the heart of enterprise strategy — blockchain offers a solution for businesses to radically improve their competitive advantage by transforming business processes and facilitating new business models.

What We Offer

We build private and permissioned blockchain ecosystems for private and public sector clients — helping to unlock powerful use-cases that combat business challenges. We deliver blockchain solutions that facilitate the creation of entirely new value networks and ecosystems, solutions that automate processes, and solutions that can ultimately lead to increased efficiency and cost reductions.

Our PoC development process enables organisations to build an MVP of their use case and test the solution to validate their business case and strengthen their strategy prior to full-scale deployment. Given the complexity of enterprise infrastructure, the vast scope of enterprise operations, and the millions of customers that these organisations often have — this service means the use-case can be tested and scrutinised in isolation among selected users or business areas to identify flaws and improvements. All before iteratively building up towards a larger scale roll-out.

Whether a PoC has been successfully tested and validated, or your business is ready for a full-scale solution, we build production-ready enterprise-grade blockchain solutions consisting of the necessary infrastructure, smart-contracts, dApp, front-end/UX components and system integrations necessary for your use case. This service will commonly follow a lengthy discovery and use-case exploration phase, to ensure that your solution meets the expectations of your internal users and customers to ensure a successful ROI.

Integration is a key part of any enterprise blockchain solution. A truly effective solution should integrate with your critical business systems (ERP, CRM etc), your tools and microservices to expand utility and enhance value. We build with interoperability in mind, understanding that the strength of your production-ready solution is directly correlated with the level of integration that your solution has with your existing infrastructure.

Why Protokol?

We build enterprise blockchain solutions and permissioned networks for organisations across a range of industries. Our understanding of business ecosystems and broad skillset in both building and integrating blockchain infrastructure positions us as a highly competent development partner.

Continued Support

Enterprise blockchain solutions tend to evolve and may require scaling and maintenance to continue delivering value to your business. We offer long-term support to ensure your solution is updated and improved to maximise ROI.

Business Understanding

We recognise the complexity of large enterprises and the inherent challenges they face. We understand the importance of business cases and proving value, which is why we offer PoC and piloting as part of our overall service mix.

Development Skillset

Our in-house skills cover both the blockchain stack and traditional software stack — enabling us to build robust and futureproofed blockchain solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing business infrastructure and systems.

Key Outcomes

Our enterprise blockchain solutions are built with security and adaptability in mind — working in conjunction with your existing networks and applications. Enterprise blockchain opens the door to a whole host of opportunities for process automation, disintermediation and efficiency gains, all facilitating to business growth. Bringing your business partners and network closer together is key to long-term success, and its these kinds of outcomes that our custom enterprise blockchain solutions provide.


We ensure our solutions meet the stringent security standards demanded by large enterprises, defending against cyber threats and protecting customer data. Although the natural defence of decentralisation improves cyber security, smart contracts and APIs can be vulnerable if not built and configured correctly — which is why we rigorously test and optimise every area of our solution to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

Highly Transformative

From enabling automation, to enhancing data security and guaranteeing data integrity, to creating enterprise ecosystems and new revenue streams; the right blockchain solution has the power to reduce friction and deliver effective business outcomes that add real value to your business. The transformative impact of blockchain cannot be understated, but your solution must align with your overarching goals and use-case which we take time to understand and align with.

Flexible Solution

From better traceability of supply chains, to identity-as-a-service in telecoms, to carbon credits in energy markets, to greater supplier visibility in manufacturing — the use-cases powered by enterprise blockchain are both numerous and compelling. Blockchain is a flexible yet powerful tool that can be used to transform critical parts of an enterprise's operations, delivering effective business outcomes and solving key challenges.

Protokol changed the game for dVIN. We brought them on board for their technical expertise, and they surpassed our expectations with their capabilities around dApps and NFTs. Their design team and developers understood our requirements to the letter – this made Protokol an ideal partner to help deliver our vision. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership and working together to add new features and functionalities as Club dVIN’s platform evolves.

David Garrett Co-Founder of Club Dvin

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