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How Protokol Can Help Sports Teams

Access your guide to how rapid digitisation unlocks new opportunities for Sports organisations

A Challenging Time For Sports Organisations

It’s a challenging time for the sports industry. The absence of ticket sales and changing fan habits have severely impacted revenues. But whether it’s through blockchain-powered collectables or enhanced loyalty schemes. Blockchain technology in sports is helping teams generate revenue and fan engagement right when they need it most.

Falling Revenue

Disrupted ticket sales and reduced sponsorship contracts are significantly impacting revenues

Fan Engagement

Engaging the entire fanbase in the absence of live events is a complex challenge

Fan Experience

Digital-native fans are increasingly demanding more, both inside and outside of stadiums

Data Insights

Teams and sponsors are struggling to collect, interpret and monetise fan engagement data

Unlocking the Hidden Digital Potential of Sports Organisations

Sports organisations already possess the capabilities to address their challenges — but this potential is often hindered by limited technology, outdated processes and old ways of thinking. By effectively leveraging new technology and a more diverse digital strategy, new opportunities are unlocked.

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Driving Digital Transformation With Blockchain

Blockchain isn’t a technology for the future, it’s a technology for today. That’s why leading sports teams and leagues around the world are already leveraging blockchain technology as a fundamental element of their digital strategy. From fan tokens, to digital collectibles, fan event tracking, and even enhanced loyalty platforms, blockchain use-cases in sports are allowing teams to unlock profitable new revenue streams and create new ways of engaging their fanbase. 

Blockchain Use Cases in the Sports Industry

So how is the sports industry using blockchain? From issuing the next generation of digital collectibles to unlocking brand new ways of monetising and engaging the entire fanbase via fan tokens; blockchain use cases in sports are now being brought to life as viable solutions that are facilitating new revenue streams, engaging fans and enabling closer, more profitable relationships with sponsors.

Protokol Sports Industry Solutions

Fan Tokens

Increase fan engagement and create supplementary revenue streams with blockchain-enabled fan tokens.


  1. Extra Revenue Stream – Tokens generate reoccurring revenues, and additional opportunities to monetise fans — even in the absence of event attendance.
  2. Increase Fan & Sponsor EngagementCreate an exclusive community of fans that can be engaged digitally. Incentivise direct engagement with sponsor content, and generate immutable data insights to share with sponsors.


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Digital Collectibles

Using secure and interoperable blockchain technology to unlock the next generation of digital collectible.


  1. Extra Revenue Stream – Demand for digital collectibles facilitates supplementary revenue streams and reoccurring revenue; as well as further opportunities to engage and monetise the fan base.
  2. Authenticity & Ownership – Fans benefit from unrivalled levels of security as asset transactions and ownership data are cryptographically secured on the blockchain.


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Loyalty & Rewards

Increase fan engagement and encourage revenue-generating behaviour with a blockchain loyalty solution.


  1. Incentivise Revenue-Generating Behaviour – By rewarding loyalty, interactions, and purchases with fan tokens (redeemable for additional rewards); teams naturally encourage ‘profit-building’ behaviour.
  2. Reward Fans and Build Engagement – Fans are rewarded not just for attending games, but for ‘online’ or ‘in-app’ interactions. This increases engagement and encourages a whole new spectrum of interactions.


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