Unlocking New Opportunities with Blockchain in Sports

As an incredibly adaptable technology, blockchain is powering a large array of use cases that unlock new opportunities for teams to enhance fan loyalty and engagement. NFTs are delighting fans with exclusive collectibles, experiences and rewards; while web3 technologies as a whole are facilitating fan influence, increasing loyalty and enabling decentralised crowdfunding, ticketing, and betting.

NFTs and Digital Assets

NFTs are powering digital collectibles, experiences, rewards and more for sports — opening up profitable revenue streams and helping to engage fanbases. NFTs enable sports organisations to:

  • Realise new ways to engage and delight a global fanbase through unique experiences and digital-only privileges
  • Unlock new opportunities to monetise their fanbase by leveraging digital assets to create a more interactive fan experience
  • Build stronger emotional connections and more profitable relationships with their fanbase using digital collectibles

Loyalty & Rewards

Encouraging fan loyalty is important for teams, but fans are tired of outdated loyalty platforms that are arcane, difficult to use and fail to offer compelling rewards. Now sports is following the lead of the esports industry and leaning into web3 loyalty platforms that not only offer enhanced transparency of data, but also power loyalty ecosystems that reward fans in a much more compelling way. A blockchain loyalty platform will enable your team to:

  • Overcome the challenges surrounding traditional loyalty programmes, such as lack of visibility for fans, fraud, questionable data integrity, over-reliance on third parties and more.
  • Incentivise revenue-generating behaviour and create new ways to reward fan loyalty.
  • Share verifiable fan engagement data quickly and easily, bringing your sponsors/partners closer to your fanbase and facilitating new mechanisms for interaction.

Fan Tokens

Fan tokens can enhance fan engagement, encourage fan loyalty, enable exclusive communities and create additional revenue streams for teams. Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) powered by fan tokens even facilitate a mechanism for fans to have a say in team decisions through tokenised voting. With fan tokens, teams can:

  • Unlock supplementary revenue streams and reoccurring revenue
  • Increase fan engagement by creating a community that can access exclusive benefits and interactions with their chosen teams
  • Encourage greater interaction with sponsors which increases engagement and ROI for teams and sponsors alike

Protokol Sports Services

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