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Smart contracts sit at the heart of your decentralised applications and platforms — operating autonomously and triggering when programmed conditions are met without the need for an intermediary. In this way, smart contracts underpin the trusted P2P nature of web3 and power your solutions and dApps. We specialise both in building smart contracts in Solidity, and in developing smart contracts that facilitate a range of use-cases — for organisations of all sizes and scales, from large organisations to pure web3 startups.

What We Offer

As a crucial component to your blockchain dApp or solution, there is zero room for error when designing and developing smart contracts. That’s why we thoroughly explore your use-case requirements before designing, building and rigorously testing our code to deliver smart contracts that maximise the value and efficiency of your solution, all while aggressively adhering to security standards.

Our deep understanding of Solidity enables us to build highly secure and effective smart contracts that integrate your business logic and propel your solution or dApp. Whether automating transactions in a DeFi solution, transferring ownership of digital assets autonomously, or automating payments within an international supply chain ecosystem — we build smart contracts that unlock new business opportunities, solve real challenges and drive business growth.

We take a rigorous approach to spotting potential issues and eliminating vulnerabilities by vigorously testing our smart contract code — ensuring correct operation and optimal efficiency. With many malicious attacks in the web3 space targeting smart contracts, we actively follow best-practice guidelines and Solidity standards to deliver highly secure and scalable smart contracts for your solution or dApp.

We rely on our deep Ethereum and Solidity knowledge to review, refine and optimise your existing smart contracts through deep code reviews and error identification. By optimising your contracts, there is scope to lower the computational resource required to execute the contract, potentially lowering gas fees on the Ethereum network for your business and users. Our services also help you increase your protection against attacks by identifying and rectifying any vulnerabilities in the code.

Why Protokol?

As experts in Solidity and in building custom smart contracts to specific use-cases and business logic — we are best placed to deliver all your smart contract needs.

Smart Contract Experts

We are experienced in Solidity smart contracts and deeply embedded within the Ethereum ecosystem — proactively aware of evolving best practices. This enables us to deliver fully optimised and secure contracts.

Scalable Solutions

We build smart contracts with scalability in mind, meaning we minimise the negative technical impact that comes with your dApp growing in popularity and the significant increase in on-chain transactions that come with it.

Broad Focus

We have built blockchain solutions and smart contracts for a highly diverse client list, ranging from governmental institutions to pure web3 startups. Our broad focus enables us to fine-tune your contract to your specific use-case.

Key Outcomes

Regardless of the size and scope of your web3 use-case or solution — the importance of implementing highly robust, secure and thoroughly tested smart contracts never changes. We rely on our experience and expert Solidity knowledge to develop optimised and clean smart contracts to power your solution or dApp.

Security Focussed

The key focus of our smart contract development process is security. We build following industry best practice from across the Ethereum ecosystem and proactively improve our internal capability to deliver robust contracts that not only work effectively, but also protect against the numerous malicious attacks prevalent across web3.

Business Alignment

We integrate your custom business logic and your use-case specifications into your smart contracts. This ensures that we deliver a solution that functions as it should, and solves the business challenge or unlocks the opportunity that sits at the heart of your web3 strategy. Like all of our development services, we fully align on client requirements before we write a single line of code, as this is the only way to effectively build a futureproofed solution.

Optimised Contracts

We ensure that all our smart contracts are both user and business optimised — meaning they are both cost and operationally effective. This also helps with future scaling and when additional smart contracts are integrated with your solution to maximise utility or performance. We also rely on our expert testing and QA team to ensure that code goes through a highly rigorous analysis prior to roll-out.

We needed a partner that shared our vision – at Logos we have a passion for growing the Web3 ecosystem and making Web3 technology such as DAOs easily accessible for everyone. Protokol aligned with our vision from the very beginning, while also providing the technical expertise and resource that we were seeking.

Isaac Patka Co-Founder of Logos

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