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Web3, Blockchain and NFT technology in Gaming

Access your guide to exploring the impact of Web3 & blockchain in gaming

Changing the Game

With creativity, innovation and originality at the heart of the gaming industry, it’s no surprise that its currently undergoing a revolution that’s unlocking new opportunities for game developers, studios and players. From tokenisation and GameFi enabling the creation of game economies and tangible reward mechanisms, to decentralised networks and communities, to NFTs and true digital asset ownership – Web3, blockchain and NFT technology is having a significant impact.

NFTs & In-Game Asset Ownership

Enabling in-game items and digital assets to be backed by NFTs that allows true player and end-user ownership.

GameFi, P2E & Gaming Economies

Unlocking Play-to-Earn mechanics and enabling players to earn tangible cryptocurrency rewards.

Decentralized Platforms & Gaming DAOs

Powering fully open and democratic gaming environments that are owned and influenced by the playing community.

NFTs & In-Game Asset Ownership

Blockchain infrastructure enables in-game and virtual assets to be backed by NFTs – guaranteeing user ownership and enabling tradability across secondary marketplaces. This differs from traditional gaming where digital assets are essentially stored on centralised servers and are both held and utilised exclusively within the game’s environment. NFTs flip this concept on its head, and provides players with greater protection, verification and control over their in-game items and digital assets.

GameFi, P2E & Gaming Economies

With the traditional gaming space predominantly focussing on Pay-to-Play and Free-to-Play mechanics, blockchain has birthed a completely new approach – Play-to-Earn (P2E). This innovation (more broadly known as GameFi) utilises blockchain’s decentralized networks to build cryptocurrency and token reward systems into the gaming title’s underlying infrastructure – meaning players can earn tangible cryptocurrency rewards that can be converted into FIAT currencies.

Decentralized Platforms & Community DAOs

Through decentralisation, blockchain gaming offers significantly increased levels of influence and control to players and communities that helps fuel enhanced participation and playing experience.  Blockchain helps build a far more democratic approach to evolving games and communities. By placing power into the hands of the end-user, players are provided a sense of empowerment that traditional gaming cannot provide.

What Does Web3 & Blockchain Offer?

Through NFT technology and the blockchain, players are able to truly own their in-game items and virtual assets that are usually stored on centralized servers owned by the entity behind the gaming product. The transparency of blockchain also ensures that all transactions can be verified and traceable ensuring owner protection and complete confidence that items cannot be stolen or replicated.

Blockchain networks are cryptographically secured, and large public networks (such as Ethereum) are virtually impossible to hack. This firstly means that on-chain personal player data is fully protected, whilst a player’s NFTs and virtual items are safe – forming a highly secure environment for both game creators and end-users.

Web3 technology opens up tokenization that helps drive unique utility and opportunities across multiple areas of a gaming product and community. From in-game assets backed by NFTs, to game-specific cryptocurrency enabling GameFi economies, or tokens that can be utilised for DAO/community influence purposes – tokenisation sits at the heart of the Web3 and blockchain gaming revolution.

Blockchain gaming infrastructure, titles and communities are open and permissionless – which is a huge departure from traditional gaming systems that are largely controlled by the single entity behind the gaming title. This positively impacts both participation and development – giving everybody the chance to play blockchain games (and potential earn cryptocurrency rewards) and have a voice in how the game evolves.

Protokol Web3 & Blockchain Services for Gaming

Our consulting services enable you to create a comprehensive framework for entering or scaling within the blockchain gaming space – whilst our blockchain development services help you effectively integrate blockchain infrastructure with your traditional gaming title, or to build the blockchain platform for your native Web3 game. We also work with best-in-class partners to help deliver any specialist services that your project requires.

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