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What Makes Us Different

Enterprise blockchain doesn’t need to be complex. At Protokol we’re all about simplicity.

Streamlined Approach

Our streamlined approach makes bringing blockchain to your business simple. Accelerated processes remove unnecessary bloat to get you from POC to ROI faster

Reduced Complexity

We make implementation look easy. By integrating with existing systems and applications we minimise disruption and reduce the burden on your internal teams

Custom Solutions

Just like our technology, our solutions are incredibly flexible. We look at what matters most to your business then build a custom solution that solves your unique challenges

Expert Service

Our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. From assessment and analysis to strategy and compliance; our world-class service goes beyond just implementation

Turning complex blockchain technology into effective business solutions

Protokol is empowering global enterprises to solve real business challenges through the power of custom blockchain solutions. All about simplicity, our streamlined approach makes integrating blockchain into your business easy.

We combine the flexible and interoperable ARK Core blockchain platform with expert-led services, to translate complex blockchain technology into effective business outcomes. Our custom solutions deliver real value for our clients by increasing efficiency, improving cost effectiveness and enabling the creation of new value networks.

Key Leadership

Key people driving Protokol

Lars Rensing

Chief Executive Officer

Kristjan Košič

Chief Technology Officer

Kai Richards

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Phillips

Chief Communications Officer

Thijs van Dam

Chief Commercial Officer

Rik Bhattacharya

Head of Advisory Board

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