End-to-End Blockchain Solution Development

We help clients across a multitude of industries and markets turn their blockchain use-case into a scalable solution that delivers tangible value. Whether building from scratch or transitioning an existing solution over to decentralised infrastructure, our end-to-end blockchain development services cover all stages of the development cycle — from planning to deployment, to support and beyond.

What We Offer

We have been proactively building blockchain solutions since 2020 for private and public sector clients – helping them unlock use-cases and benefits facilitated by decentralisation. Our services cover the full blockchain development spectrum, meaning we can deliver a solution or product customised to your specific requirements.

We specialise in full-scale projects, delivering custom blockchain solutions, products and dApps to market. To us, a custom solution means keying in on the precise details of your use-case and long-term vision, then creating a completely bespoke action plan that delivers your solution and fully configures your business logic. The result is a solution that effectively delivers value to your business and integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Whether part of a larger solution, or a standalone build, we deliver small-scale PoCs that provide proof-of-value and enable client experimentation before scaling up to production. This is perfect for clients who want to minimise costs or simply trial blockchain use-cases within their business as a means of testing ROI and value. We retain the same approach when building PoCs or MVPs as we do with full-scale solutions – developing with security, flexibility and user-friendliness in mind.

We are experienced in custom wallet development, able to build EVM compliant wallets for your custom blockchain solution or web3 dApp. This includes designing the UI and user-facing features, covering APIs and connectivity, alongside other services to deliver the best user experience whilst meeting your technical requirements.

Any blockchain solution or dApp we build, regardless of size and level of functionality, is rigorously tested to ensure the integrity of the code, infrastructure and smart contracts. We support our clients with long-term maintenance and support packages, along with offering scaling services to expand your solution as your userbase grows — future-proofing your investment.

Interoperability is at the heart of our development process, meaning we can integrate your blockchain solution into your existing ecosystem and infrastructure. This includes integrating with your existing web2 business platforms such as ERPs, web3 specific services like KYC/AML, or any other 3rd party microservice that is essential to the usage of your solution or dApp.

Why Protokol?

We deliver blockchain solutions for organisations of all shapes and states, from large web2 organisations to web3 startups. Our foundation in blockchain makes us best placed to develop solutions for a wide variety of use cases.

Blockchain Experts

We have been building full-scale solutions since 2020 for both private and public sector clients — continually pushing our own boundaries and translating that into industry leading solutions for clients.

Development Skillset

Our in-house skillset covers the full web3 and traditional development spectrum. This allows us to offer a truly end-to-end service starting from scoping application, data and network layers all the way through to implementation.

Client Focus

We put our clients at the heart of our development process. By fully understanding their requirements and building based on their specific needs — we ensure a future-proofed solution that adds real value.

Key Outcomes

Our blockchain development services don’t just deliver a solution or dApp, they deliver a means for unlocking new business opportunities and a mechanism for solving key challenges. Organisations and startups around the world are harnessing blockchain powered use-cases including NFT, DeFi, DAO and digital twins to elevate their business to new levels and enrich their customer experience.

Security Focussed

Our blockchain solutions, dApps and smart contracts are highly scrutinised, tested and optimised prior to delivery. We only deploy on highly secure infrastructure and follow industry best-practice accrued over several years of building leading solutions. By minimising risk and vulnerability, we maximise business value and ROI.

Highly Reliable

As a specialist blockchain partner, our reputation has been built on our ability to consistently create high-performing solutions and dApps. This is why entities such as the European Commission have selected us as an expert technology partner for blockchain projects and why our clients are continually impressed by our ability to deliver solutions that are technically and operationally reliable.


Although the blockchain and web3 space moves quickly, this doesn’t mean that your solution should need frequent replacement. As experts in Ethereum, Solidity and the traditional software stack, we design our solutions with flexibility in mind, ensuring they can be adapted quickly to mirror industry developments or best-practices — future-proofing your investment.

Protokol aligned with our vision from the very beginning, while also providing the technical expertise and resource that we were seeking. Throughout our time working with Protokol, we felt that our teams gelled together seamlessly, allowing us to collaborate without friction and evolve the Logos platform to make it more accessible, user-friendly and engaging. We’re looking forward to continuing our work together and continuing to be a hub for all things DAO.

Isaac Patka Co-Founder of Logos

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