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Bringing Your Use Case to Life

Cutting through the complexity to uncover real, tangible benefits from blockchain technology can be tough. Through our blockchain professional services, we’ll help you bring your use case to life in a way that adds real value to your business, solves real challenges, and delivers a measurable ROI. From planning, to proof of concept, to implementation and beyond — we’ll guide you every step of the way

Digital Advisory

We enable our clients to achieve operational excellence, manage and prepare for blockchain disruption and future-proof their business with our Digital Advisory service.

We provide:

  • Digital advisory & strategic digital consulting
  • Organizational analysis and digital readiness assessment
  • Identification of opportunities for new business models, new revenue streams or process optimizations via digital innovations
  • Design thinking sprints & executional plans

Blockchain Consulting

A consultancy-led service focusing on your business’s challenges, the discovery of blockchain innovation opportunities, and solution advisory.

We offer:

  • Strategic Blockchain Advisory & Blockchain Consulting
  • Blockchain Use Case Suitability & Design Advice
  • Blockchain Solution Recommendations
  • Compliance, Governance & Audit Guidance

Blockchain Engineering

Our experts offer bespoke blockchain development services and blockchain integration services that deliver business impact, and enable your teams to do better. Whatever your use case, we have the tools to turn your vision into reality.

We deliver:

  • Proof of Concepts
  • Solution Design & Rapid Prototype Build
  • Blockchain Development Services
  • Blockchain Integration Services & Blockchain Adoption Services
  • Custom Network Configuration

Blockchain Support

Now that you’re up and running, our scale and support services help you take your solutions to the next level.

We’ll support you with:

  • Maintenance & Support
  • Project Services
  • Node Hosting
  • Training & Advisory
  • Network Scaling & Further Integration
  • Consortium Onboarding

Our Process

Starting with a discovery phase, we will undertake a full needs analysis before devising a custom blockchain strategy that addresses your unique business challenges.

Next, we will create a PoC/prototype solution to pilot in your internal environment. This will demonstrate real-world proof-of-value in a low-risk environment, and provide practical insight for optimisations.

Once a rigorous pilot is complete, we’ll develop a full-scale custom solution and integrate it into your existing infrastructure for use by your teams — including your associated business applications and networks.

After a successful roll out, our world-class support services help scale your solution across business lines, verticals and geographies. Choose to utilise our global Node Hosting, Network Maintenance, Audit & Compliance, or Project Development Services.

Discover Your Blockchain Use Case

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