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Whether you are looking to build an NFT, DeFi, DAO or GameFi based dApp that utilises decentralised blockchain infrastructure, we provide all the dApp development services you need to bring your idea to life. We place emphasis on scalable, secure and user-friendly dApps — streamlining your onboarding and ensuring a positive user experience.

What We Offer

Web3 dApps and platforms need to strike the balance between innovative technical features and a positive user experience to optimise onboarding and continue to engage users long-term. We use these as guiding principles when building your dApp — understanding the requirements of both your business and your users to develop the optimal decentralised application.

We build and deliver full-scale dApps. Starting from requirement gathering and solution scoping, we use these to inform solution design. We cover smart contract build, UI/UX design, web3 wallet integration, deployment, support and everything in between. Our approach is similar to any of our other development services — we don’t begin coding until we fully understand your business requirements, long-term strategy and userbase.

The web3 space is unfortunately littered with exploits and malicious attacks that always pose threats to new projects and dApps. We mitigate risk through full testing and QA of the dApp architecture and smart contracts — ensuring best practices are followed. We reinforce this with support services and updates to continually maintain the integrity of your dApp or solution — maximising long-term security.

Along with our expert in-house web3 development skillset, we are also fully competent in traditional/web2 software development covering web, mobile and cloud — expanding the capability and cross-device accessibility of your dApp. Our development team can integrate your microservices and APIs into your dApp ensuring integration with your current platforms, whilst our QA team safeguard your dApp through full device, accessibility and user experience testing.

Our experienced in-house UI/UX team are experts in designing and developing the entire front-end for both web3 native dApps and for organisations who chose to implement a decentralised use-case into their traditional application. From early discovery and workshops, to prototypes and demos, to full-scale front-end deployment — we have everything you need to maximise the user friendliness and onboarding of your dApp.

Why Protokol?

As experts in all areas of web3 including blockchain, NFT, smart contracts and more — we build impactful yet accessible dApps for clients across all industries and markets.

dApp Experts

We have demonstratable experience of building user-friendly dApps across multiple areas of web3, including NFT, DeFi and DAO. Our approach blends technical functionality with ideal UX design to deliver optimal dApps.

User Focussed

Our core focus when developing any dApp is your target audience and end-users. Identifying this at the very early stages, we proceed through every development stage with the user experience in mind.

Web2 & Web3 Skillset

Our in-house team hold rich experience across both the web2 and web3 software stack. We build best-in-class web3 dApps that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and infrastructure — maximising value.

Key Outcomes

Whether you’re looking to launch your first web3 dApp, integrate into your existing infrastructure, or scale and expand your dApp in line with your growing user base and community — we deliver secure, scalable and user-centric decentralised applications that align with your use-case and requirements.

User Centric

To successfully onboard and retain users for your web3 dApp, its essential that it is designed and built with the end-user in mind. This is why we place core focus on your target users (and current users if you already have them) to ensure that the technical capability and user experience of your dApp meets the expectations of your users. This is particularly relevant if you are targeting users new to web3 who may not yet understand the conventions of web3 applications.

Inherent Scalability

Whether an NFT, DeFi, DAO or GameFi based dApp, scalability is one of the most important factors to consider in the early development stages. The web3 space is full of examples of dApp userbases and transaction volume growing significantly, only for technical and design limitations to curtail growth at the most crucial moments. We work with clients to build flexible solutions that can scale quickly when your business demands it.

Privacy Focussed

Decentralised infrastructure poses both pros and cons when it comes to user privacy, along with vulnerabilities if code and smart contracts are not fully audited prior to dApp launch. Similar to all our development services, we build with privacy and security as a leading principle, minimising downtime and mitigating risks.

Protokol changed the game for dVIN. We brought them on board for their technical expertise, and they surpassed our expectations with their capabilities around dApps and NFTs. Their design team and developers understood our requirements to the letter – this made Protokol an ideal partner to help deliver our vision. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership and working together to add new features and functionalities as Club dVIN’s platform evolves.

David Garrett Co-Founder of Club Dvin

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