Improving Fan Engagement with Web3 Solutions

Blockchain in esports is empowering teams to engage their fanbase through NFTs, grow loyal communities through DAOs, and delight professional players with the transparent and efficient payments of winnings.


NFTs and Digital Assets

NFTs are powering digital collectibles, experiences, rewards and more for esports — opening up profitable revenue streams and engaging fanbases. NFTs can:

  • Foster loyalty by engaging a global fanbase through unique experiences and digital-only privileges
  • Unlock additional revenue streams and ways to monetise your fanbase by facilitating digital collectibles and enhancing digital assets
  • Build stronger, data-driven connections and more profitable relationships with both fans and sponsors through new reward mechanisms

Decentralized Autonomous Organisations

By facilitating the creation of DAOs, blockchain in esports offers significantly increased levels of influence and control for fans and players alike. DAOs can help to fuel participation in decisions relating to team strategy or direction, and create a vibrant community of loyal and engaged fans. DAOs can:

  • Help generate revenue through community investment
  • Give fans the opportunity to become intimately involved with their favourite teams and players in a structured way
  • Offer a feedback mechanism for the fanbase that ultimately encourages better loyalty and engagement


Payments, Data, Disintermediation and More

Blockchain technology offers advanced cryptography, verifiable data, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts that can help disintermediate the esports industry. It unlocks a wide variety of use cases, such as:

  • The automatic distribution of tournament winnings between participants — swiftly, securely and fairly
  • Automatically verified fan interaction data, alongside mechanisms for automatically sharing this data with teams, sponsors and other key stakeholders
  • A provably fair esports betting platform capable of automatically collecting wagers and paying out winnings via smart contracts

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