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How Protokol Can Help Esports Teams

Access your guide to exploring the impact of blockchain for Esports organisations

A Challenging Landscape

From difficulties engaging and forging relationships with an increasingly growing fan base, to limitations with fan traceability, and issues with generating actionable data for sponsors – the Esports industry is facing some tough challenges.

Audience Engagement

A quickly growing and truly international fanbase is piling pressure on teams to deliver effective and innovative fan engagement initiatives.

Audience Relationships

With surging audience growth expected over the next few years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for current teams to sustain personalised fan relationships.

Audience Traceability

Fragmented platforms and channels are making it difficult to streamline data insights surrounding audience measurement and metrics.

Sponsor Data

With limited fan traceability comes limited data insight for sponsors – meaning they have limited visibility of their investment’s performance and ROI.

Sustaining Growth

The key to an Esports team’s ability to solve challenges around fan engagement, or to unlock new ways of sustaining growth, lies in their ability to continue innovating with new technology. Although the Esports industry is innately digital-first, that doesn’t mean that teams haven’t faced challenges in one way or another when keeping up with the blistering pace of technological innovation such as blockchain.

Driving Fan-Centricity with Blockchain

Blockchain isn’t a technology for the future, it’s a technology for today. That’s why leading Esports teams and organisations are already leveraging it as a fundamental element of their digital strategy. Innovative applications of blockchain are enabling new approaches to fan-centricity for teams that is helping to improve fan loyalty, experiences and engagement.

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Protokol Solutions for Esports

NFTs & Digital Assets

NFTs are powering digital collectibles, experiences, rewards and more for Esports — opening up profitable revenue streams and helping to engage fanbases.


  1. Fan Engagement: Realise new ways to engage and delight a global fanbase through unique experiences and digital-only privileges.
  2. Fan Monetisation: Unlock new opportunities to monetise your fanbase by leveraging digital assets to create a more interactive fan experience.
  3. Fan Loyalty: Build stronger emotional connections and more profitable relationships with your fanbase through new reward mechanisms.
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Loyalty & Rewards

Increasing fan engagement, strengthening fan relationships and boosting sponsor ROI.


  1. Fan Loyalty: Incentivise revenue-generating behaviour and create new ways to reward fan loyalty for your team as well as your network of sponsors.
  2. Fan Engagement: Drive new ways for fans to interact, engage and communicate with your team and network of sponsors.
  3. Sponsor/Partner Ecosystem: Bring your sponsors/partners closer to your fanbase and facilitate new mechanisms for interaction.
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Fan Tokens

Facilitate fan influence, build exclusive communities and create additional revenue streams.


  1. Fan Monetisation: Demand for fan tokens facilitates supplementary revenue streams and reoccurring revenue.
  2. Fan Engagement: By creating an exclusive community of fans (benefiting from exclusive interactions), fan engagement is increased.
  3. Sponsor/Partner ROI: Awarding tokens in exchange for interacting with sponsored content increases engagement and ROI for sponsors.
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Additional Blockchain Use-Cases for Esports

Esports involves multiple stakeholders, from game developers to players, sponsors, advertisers, team managers, and media. Blockchain can provide a robust single platform (or ecosystem) to bring them all together. Its transparent nature allows all participants to see what’s happening on the network; from the distribution of prize money, to media rights and the transfer of players.

With its ability to eliminate intermediaries, blockchain is providing more autonomy for players. Smart contracts that execute when agreed conditions have been met mean a reduced need for managers, agents or other intermediaries. A reduction in intermediaries means more control for players, the ability to keep a greater share of their earnings and less opportunity for corruption.

Smart contracts, enabled by blockchain technology are helping to streamline payments right across the Esports industry. By setting a payment to automatically execute once a condition is met, the industry is able to reduce the need for intermediaries. Cutting out intermediaries means faster payments with reduced fees. Payments are visible and traceable on a secure, distributed ledger. Smart contracts can even be set to create automated payments for gaming tournaments, ensuring winners are awarded their shares quickly, fairly and with full transparency of transactions.

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