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How Protokol Can Help Esports Teams

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A Challenging Landscape

From difficulties engaging and forging relationships with an increasingly growing fan base, to limitations with fan traceability, and issues with generating actionable data for sponsors – the Esports industry is facing some tough challenges.

Audience Engagement

The absence of live events and a truly international fanbase is piling pressure on teams to deliver effective and innovative fan engagement initiatives

Audience Relationships

With surging audience growth expected over the next few years, it's becoming increasingly difficult for teams to sustain personalised fan relationships

Audience Traceability

Fragmentated platforms and channels are making it difficult to streamline data insights surrounding audience measurement and metrics

Sponsor Data Insights

With limited fan traceability comes limited data insight for sponsors — meaning they have limited visibility of their investment’s performance and ROI

Building a Fan-Centric Ecosystem for Esports Teams

Many of the key challenges currently faced by Esports organisations contain a common theme; the fans. Issues with optimising engagement, maintaining relationships and poor traceability can all be combatted by taking a more fan-centric approach — powered by blockchain.

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Building Lasting Relationships with Fans and Your Sponsors

Protokol help Esports teams build the foundation for fan centricity through a powerful loyalty ecosystem where it’s easier to collect, interpret and convert fan behavioural data into insights that can used to deepen relationships with fans and sponsors. Our solutions can help both your team and your sponsors form lasting relationships with your fans — while providing high quality fan engagement opportunities for the entire ecosystem.

Protokol Solutions for Esports

Loyalty & Rewards

Increase fan engagement and encourage revenue-generating behaviour with a blockchain loyalty solution.


  1. Incentivise Revenue-Generating Behaviour – By rewarding loyalty, interactions, and purchases with loyalty points (redeemable for additional rewards); teams naturally encourage ‘profit-building’ behaviour.
  2. Reward Fans and Build Engagement – Fans are rewarded not just for attending live events, but for online and digital interactions. This increases engagement and encourages additional interactions.


Fan Tokens

Increase fan engagement and create supplementary revenue streams with blockchain-enabled fan tokens.


  1. Extra Revenue Stream – Tokens generate reoccurring revenues, and additional opportunities to monetise fans — even in the absence of event attendance.
  2. Increase Fan & Sponsor EngagementCreate an exclusive community of fans that can be engaged digitally. Incentivise direct engagement with sponsor content, and generate immutable data insights to share with sponsors.


Digital Collectibles

Using NFT blockchain technology to unlock the next generation of digital collectible.


  1. Extra Revenue Stream – Demand for NFTs and digital collectibles facilitates supplementary revenue streams and reoccurring revenue; as well as further opportunities to engage and monetise the fan base.
  2. Authenticity & Ownership – Fans benefit from unrivalled levels of security as asset transactions and ownership data are cryptographically secured on the blockchain.


Additional Blockchain Use-Cases for Esports

Esports involves multiple stakeholders, from game developers to players, sponsors, advertisers, team managers, and media. Blockchain can provide a robust single platform (or ecosystem) to bring them all together. Its transparent nature allows all participants to see what’s happening on the network; from the distribution of prize money, to media rights and the transfer of players.

The tokenization of Esports players through blockchain allows teams to increase liquidity via investment from their fans. Fan can purchase tokens (shares) of their favourite teams, in exchange for future earnings. Transactions are secure and transparent on the blockchain, and ownership is provable – meaning that a fan’s investment is secure. Smart contracts can even automatically pay out earnings.

With its ability to eliminate intermediaries, blockchain is providing more autonomy for players. Smart contracts that execute when agreed conditions have been met mean a reduced need for managers, agents or other intermediaries. A reduction in intermediaries means more control for players, the ability to keep a greater share of their earnings and less opportunity for corruption.

Smart contracts, enabled by blockchain technology are helping to streamline payments right across the Esports industry. By setting a payment to automatically execute once a condition is met, the industry is able to reduce the need for intermediaries. Cutting out intermediaries means faster payments with reduced fees. Payments are visible and traceable on a secure, distributed ledger. Smart contracts can even be set to create automated payments for gaming tournaments, ensuring winners are awarded their shares quickly, fairly and with full transparency of transactions.

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