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Blockchain Agnostic

Blockchain platforms differ in their suitability depending on the selected use-case and unique business requirements of the client – which is why we use an agnostic approach and proactively build with multiple leading platforms including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and many other EVM based networks.


The industry-leading blockchain platform powering thousands of applications


An Ethereum-based platform focussed on scalability and interoperability


A low-cost and eco-friendly platform focussed on speed and throughput

Our Frameworks


We have developed a modular NFT framework to be used as the foundation for our NFT products and solutions. We are leveraging our NFT framework across multiple industries and use-cases ranging from Supply-Chain to Sports – using it as a foundation for digital assets.

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Digital Identity

We have been working closely with EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) in creating our Digital Identity framework, SDKs and related products such as Digital Citizen Wallets. We are leveraging our digital identity framework across multiple industries and use-cases ranging from Telecoms to Esports – using it as a foundation for digital trust.

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Our Products

Protokol NFT Platform

The Protokol NFT Platform provides unrivalled flexibility to Sports and Esports organisations when activating their NFT strategy. By enabling the simple creation and distribution of NFTs through a dedicated storefront or across selected marketplaces, the platform allows your team to unlock new opportunities for driving fan engagement, monetisation and loyalty.

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Digital Product Passport

The Protokol Digital Product Passport enables organisations and brands to create a digital twin of their products and physical items that securely records and stores manufacturing, ownership and lifecycle event data on the blockchain.

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