The often traditionalist luxury goods sector has started to see the value that web3 technology can bring to their industry, including in the luxury wine segment – and organisations like Club dVIN are leading the charge.

Club dVIN is a global NFT wine club. Founded in 2022, the wine club’s approx. 400 members (at the time of writing) are made up of wine professionals and makers, collectors, and enthusiasts from all over the world. Building a strong community and passion for investment-grade wines, dVIN combines real-life gastronomic experiences with the cutting edge of web3 technology.

Club dVIN enlisted Protokol as a partner to provide technical expertise, supporting their vision and helping the business capitalise on an opportunity to reach critical mass with high-end wine collectors.

In order to establish and maintain a vibrant, lasting community of wine enthusiasts, Club dVIN wanted to launch a new dApp. The application was envisioned as a focal point for the dVIN experience, rewarding members with exclusive experiences, content, NFTs, and as a platform for guiding members through their wine-tasting journey.


Protokol employed a phased approach to the rollout of dVIN’s web3 roadmap. Firstly, we engaged in several planning conversations to put a framework together that mapped to their ambitions, delivering expert advice on timeframes and deliverables. Next, Protokol’s technical team got to work building, extensively testing and executing dApp models.

The team utilised several web3 and non-custodial wallets to create a user-centric dApp, including Metamask, Torus and Wallet Connect. dApp integrations were completed using smart contracts across the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon (L2) blockchain, with a traditional payments system facilitated by Stripe paired with on-chain finance options.

Finally, the team developed a custom NFT platform for creating and managing luxury wine tokens. Each token represents a different activity within the dVIN experience. Tokens utilising differing ERC standards were implemented to reflect the complex functionality needed within the dVIN ecosystem.

The tokens range from a membership NFT that new enthusiasts purchase to secure their status as a member of Club dVIN, to digital bottle / cork tokens that represent the items inside owner’s virtual wine cellar in the Club dVIN metaverse.

Members can share their wine with friends and colleagues at in-person events, with the activity being registered through Tasting Tokens. Winemakers and collaborators can use Tasting Token™ NFT data to communicate with wine lovers at the moment of consumption, and to provide benefits and incentives to their biggest fans. Using Club dVIN’s application, members will also be able to securely claim and store these NFTs.

Combining several innovative token ideas and payment protocols, and implementing secure Ethereum/Polygon technical integrations, Protokol produced an engaging application that provides exclusive functionality and an immersive experience to Club dVIN members.


The major solution elements were brought together and launched fully in 2022, to the delight and excitement of existing and prospective members. The initial 350+ genesis tokens were issued and the web3 element of dVIN was officially open for business.

With the launch of Club dVIN’s new intuitive membership dApp, members can now collect tokens that provide provenance of their activity and achievements in the global luxury wine ecosystem, sharing them with friends and colleagues in real life and in the digital realm.

“Protokol changed the game for dVIN. We brought them on board for their technical expertise, and they surpassed our expectations with their capabilities around dApps and NFTs. Their design team and developers understood our requirements to the letter – this made Protokol an ideal partner to help deliver our vision. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership and working together to add new features and functionalities as Club dVIN’s platform evolves.”

David Garrett Co-Founder of Club dVin

Services & Technologies

Club dVIN engaged the following Protokol services:

Web3 & Blockchain Consulting

  • Web3 & Blockchain Advisory, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Business Strategy & Tokenomics Strategy
  • Tokenization & NFT Strategy Consulting

Web3 & Blockchain Development

  • Custom Wallet Development
  • Blockchain Testing/QA, Support, Maintenance and Scaling
  • Smart Contract Development & Security Testing
  • Web/Mobile App Design & Development
  • UI/UX Prototyping & Design

The following technologies were utilised to complete the project:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Polygon L2
  • MetaMask
  • Stripe

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