The concept of DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) has evolved continuously over time. From gaming guilds to NFT art incubators, DAOs are increasingly being utilised across several industry landscapes, with the total market capitalisation for DAOs reaching around $21Bn in Jan 2022.

With an ever-growing ecosystem of DAOs, Logos saw an opportunity to build a DAO discovery directory. Users, whether web3-native or new to the space, would be able to browse the platform and find DAOs to join that align with their interests and passions.

This initial concept grew further, with Logos seeking to become a fountain of knowledge on all things DAO. This educational platform is now the key focus of their efforts, rewarding their users with tokens for completing research tasks and expanding their knowledge.

Logos engaged Protokol as a technical partner to help build the DAO directory. Encouraged by Protokol’s technical expertise in various areas of web3, Logos initially asked Protokol to review their existing UI as a starting point before then collaborating on all areas of the Logos ecosystem, both technically and from a strategic perspective.


Protokol was initially asked to review the existing Logos UI. The results of this review led to an initial request to revamp the existing UI, and eventually the whole platform from the ground up.


Protokol started with some in-depth research around the solution and requirements to achieve Logos’ goals.

This involved company and product UX research alongside market, competitive, and opportunity analysis. The existing UI was considered, and discussions took place around brand identity – both where it is currently and where Logos ultimately wanted to be.

The results of this research were a redesigned vision for the front-end user interface and a technical roadmap for a supportive back-end infrastructure.


The team analysed the feature requirements relating to the existing features and built a blueprint to incorporate the desired new functionality. With a clear set of goals and plans in place, the design team got to work redesigning the front-end using a Next.js framework and implementing a new UI with a core focus on improved user experience within the platform.

Meanwhile, the technical team started work on developing the back-end functionality using several AWS services. This included a new streamlined authentication system using Lambda as the computing layer for important business logic, and scalable infrastructure combining GraphQL and Rest APIs with gateway entry points.

This was coupled with data collection mechanics which feed into a custom-designed internal database powered by DynamoDB, and S3 for static assets, avatars and thumbnails.

With the front-end redesign and back-end technical infrastructure complete, production of the new platform got underway. The Protokol team engaged in extensive testing to identify any potential bugs.


In late 2022, the finished platform was presented to Logos for review and was ultimately approved with enthusiasm. With quality assurance testing ongoing, the new Logos DAO directory and educational platform was launched.

Protokol’s professional relationship with Logos is far from over – the future looks bright with a plan for many new features and developments being created, and work as Logos’ technical and consulting partner on other Logos group ventures such as Shield3 is deeply underway.

“We needed a partner that shared our vision – at Logos we have a passion for growing the web3 ecosystem and making web3 technology such as DAOs easily accessible for everyone. Protokol aligned with our vision from the very beginning, while also providing the technical expertise and resources that we were seeking. Throughout our time working with Protokol, we felt that our teams gelled together seamlessly, allowing us to collaborate without friction and evolve the Logos platform to make it more accessible, user-friendly and engaging. We’re looking forward to continuing our work together and continuing to be a hub for all things DAO."

Isaac Patka Co-Founder of Logos

Services & Technologies

Logos engaged the following Protokol services:

Web3 Consulting services

  • Web3 & Blockchain Advisory, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Web3 & Blockchain Use-Case Discovery & Design
  • Project Management & Solution Delivery

Web3 Development services

  • Blockchain Solution Design, Configuration & Deployment
  • dApp development
  • Blockchain Testing/QA Support, Maintenance & Scaling
  • UX/UI Prototyping & Design

The following technologies were utilised to complete the project:

  • Next.js
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Amazon S3
  • Lambda
  • Dynamo DB
  • GraphQL

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