Changes in regulatory frameworks around energy, the global drive towards net zero, and the growing market for carbon credits led a South African energy provider startup to engage Protokol as a technology partner.

Their aim was to become the dominant independent energy provider in the region, giving commercial, governmental and social institutions access to renewable energy at a cheaper rate than using traditional or state-owned facilities.

The startup wanted to tokenise their business and fund a 10MW renewable energy plant. Additionally, they wanted to create a carbon credit token tied to renewable energy projects that allowed anyone (rather than just large institutions) to invest and trade these tokens on decentralised marketplaces.


The Protokol team started with rounds of discovery calls with the organisation’s leaders, discussing their goals and an implementation strategy. From these discussions, the Protokol team delivered a detailed solution recommendation which was accepted and put into action.

This included the creation of 100 million ERC-20 tokens for the business, 87.5 million of which were to be auctioned in an ITO (initial token offering) to help fund the creation of a 10MW renewable energy plant. Alongside this, a roadmap for the creation of branded carbon credit tokens was formulated.


With Protokol’s help, the renewable energy provider was able to successfully create and launch their tokenisation strategy, including branded carbon credit tokens for funding sustainable energy initiatives and utility tokens for the business, completing phase one of the project.

At the time of writing the company’s joint initial exchange and DEX offerings are currently underway on a global crypto exchange. Once token sales are complete, the energy company hopes to move on to phase two of the project, which includes the purchase of a 10MW renewable energy plant.


The renewable energy provider engaged the following Protokol services:

Web3 Consulting Services

  • Web3 & Blockchain Advisory, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Web3 & Blockchain Solution Recommendations
  • Business Strategy & Tokenomics Strategy
  • Project Management & Solution Delivery

Web3 Development Services

  • Blockchain Solution Design, Configuration & Deployment
  • Blockchain Testing/QA, Support, Maintenance & Testing

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