A digital sports startup contacted Protokol during their search for a web3 technical solutions partner to consult on and ultimately develop a brand-new sports player trading platform. This would require expertise around blockchain, tokenomics expertise and an innovative NFT solution.

With buy-in from key stakeholders such as celebrity athletes, retail clients, institutions, and corporate sponsors, the business sought expert guidance to expand on its original concept. They required a clear strategy and a product roadmap that identified key feature sets and technology stacks, and the technical support to construct a real-world application for their concept.


The Protokol team underwent a discovery call with the digital sports startup to conduct a needs analysis, review documentation, and determine an exact use case for web3 and blockchain technology within the initial platform concept.

Protokol examined the stakeholder landscape – from celebrity athletes to sporting institutions, individual athletes, corporate sponsors and affiliates. Initial user interface designs for the proposed solution were created to give a clear idea of how the platform could look depending on each user journey.

The Protokol team went to work constructing a roadmap for the startup’s blockchain implementation, tokenisation and NFT strategy. The NFT strategy that consisted of a breakdown of each token type was drawn up to reflect the needs of end users, stakeholders, and clients, coupled with a timeline for initial minting and general platform rollout.

Tokenisation and NFT creation were to be handled by the startup, using tools and applications built by Protokol, who would in turn oversee the management of all back-end processes. It was also deemed necessary to implement a fiat gateway to remove barriers to entry for non-web3 native clients and end users.


Protokol’s experts helped to guide the digital sports startup into the web3 space, transforming an initial concept into a detailed strategy, designing a platform and defining a strategy to support the platform’s launch.

This would enable the digital sports startup to put a concrete business plan together, engage investors to raise the appropriate funding, and ultimately roll into Phase 2 of the project – the technical implementation.

At the time of writing, the project leaders are approaching the venture capital market with a fully-fledged platform concept backed by strategy and project roadmap delivered by Protokol.


The sports solution provider engaged the following Protokol services:

Web3 Consulting Services:

  • Web3 & Blockchain Advisory, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Web3 & Blockchain Use-Case Discovery & Design
  • Web3 & Blockchain Solution Recommendations
  • Tokenisation & NFT Strategy Consulting

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