A web3 gaming organisation selected Protokol as a technical partner in implementing an economic engine for its platform, which enables game developers to build the next generation of P2E games quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

The platform enables developers to use and easily incorporate a wealth of templated economics and game models, significantly reducing the design time for game developers.

Developers can integrate their games with the platform, receive API keys to connect and view live dashboards of game activity and display key activity metrics for better traffic management and pricing.


Protokol’s experts were tasked with developing a full ‘economy-as-a-service’ module for the web3 gaming studio, involving a robust tokenomics strategy and implementation plan coupled with open-source software recommendations and a structured technical approach.

Protokol’s design team kicked off the engagement by defining how the economic engine should look and feel, ensuring that it maintained alignment with the web3 gaming studio’s overall brand and integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. The UI was designed with their core user base in mind (game developers) who are looking to implement P2E tokenomics into their gaming titles.

The technical team developed the main economic engine infrastructure using Python. AWS was selected as the supporting cloud infrastructure of choice, and an Amazon API gateway was integrated to process hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls.

Protokol’s consulting division prepared the web3 gaming studio for blockchain and web3 integration, laying out a codebase for building the smart contracts necessary to power their economy-as-a-service module.

A roadmap was drawn up for a gradual integration of the economic engine into the platform. Several prospective designs and technical specifications were created to achieve interoperability with a growing number of blockchain networks. This would greatly expand the reach of the startup by enabling game developers to build upon whichever network they felt worked best for them.


With Protokol’s guidance, the gaming startup took a significant leap towards being able to offer an end-to-end web3 game development experience.  A fully functional economic engine was created and integrated into the existing platform, offering game developers the opportunity to integrate their games with a thriving P2E economy without needing to code everything from scratch.

“We selected Protokol due to their ability to translate both web2 and web3 concepts into effective solutions that major on both intuitive UX and interoperable architecture that can scale with ease. With Protokol on board, we’re finally bringing our IP and ideas for the platform to life.”

CEO Web3 Gaming Studio

Services & Technologies

The web3 gaming studio engaged the following Protokol services:

Web3 Consultation services

  • Web3 & Blockchain Solution Recommendations
  • Business Strategy & Tokenomics Strategy
  • Project Management & Solution Delivery

Web3 Development services

  • Blockchain Solution Design, Configuration & Deployment
  • Smart Contract Development & Security Testing
  • UI/UX Prototyping & Design

The following technologies were used during the project:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Python

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