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Unlock the Power of NFTs

NFT technology presents clear opportunities to improve engagement, monetisation and relationships with your customers, fanbase and ecosystem partners.


Unlock new opportunities to monetise your customers & fanbase by leveraging digital assets to create a more interactive fan experience.


Realise new ways to engage and delight your global customers & fanbase through unique experiences and digital-only privileges.


Build stronger emotional connections and more profitable relationships with your customers & fanbase through new reward mechanisms.


Enable your customers & fans to become more deeply ingrained with decision making by creating new avenues for direct collaboration.


Generate new data streams and gain deeper insight into customer & fan actions, behaviour, and interactions.


Facilitate new approaches to building exclusive communities of VIP-tier customers, fans and stakeholders.

User Application

Brands and organisations have multiple options when defining how their customer and fanbase interacts with the Protokol NFT Platform – which can be fully integrated with an existing official app, or utilised as a dedicated website or standalone app.

Buy & Trade

Customers & fans can purchase NFTs directly from within the application (or dedicated website) whilst trading of certain digital assets with other owners is also made possible through built-in functionality.

Claim & Earn

NFTs earnt by customers or fans either within official brand channels, or via external 3rd parties can be directly claimed and accessed within the app (or dedicated website) which can also cater for additional or custom NFT earning mechanisms.

View & Share

Customers & fans can access and share their collection of NFT digital assets from within the app (or dedicated website) – further to this, unlockable or hidden content can also be accessed.

Integrate & Manage

Account information and integrations with popular platforms can be managed within the app (or dedicated website) – along with setup, management and restoration of a user's unique digital wallet address.

Our Platform


Protokol empowers organisations to build an adaptable NFT platform that provides unparalleled levels of control over your brand, audience reach, and profitability when activating your NFT strategy. This adaptability opens multiple options with relation to how you distribute your NFT assets whether through a white label storefront or existing marketplaces.


Protokol enables brands and organisations to shape a bespoke tokenisation strategy around their business priorities through a platform that enables the creation of multiple NFT types through pre-set modules. This unrivalled platform extensibility unlocks opportunities to scale the utility of NFTs across the entire organisation for added value and engagement for customers & fans.


The Protokol NFT platform can integrate with existing systems, applications and even analytics tools – maximising functionality. With our platform built on top of existing industry standards, brands and organisations have the option to connect with existing secondary marketplaces and other leading platforms across the broader NFT space if required.

Platform Features


Through a simplified and user-centric UI, internal teams are able to create NFT assets and collections effortlessly – before minting and making them accessible to customers & fans through the associated app or dedicated website.

  • Producing: Easily upload graphical assets and assign attributes to your NFTs including descriptions and content that is unlocked by the user after purchase – removing creative limitations and maximising value for customers & fans.
  • Minting: Select key parameters including asset quantity and pricing – providing complete control over the creation of your assets.


Internal teams can easily locate and view past NFT assets and collections within the platform, to analyse metrics and effectively plan new NFT campaigns and initiatives.

  • Overview: Quickly search and locate past NFT assets and collections in your library – enabling you to easily keep track of campaign history and associated information.
  • Workflow: Improve your processes and forward planning of NFT campaigns by storing all information in a single place – enabling you to drilldown on specific assets.


Internal teams are able to gain deeper understanding of the performance of their NFT assets and collections – along with being able to identify the health of their network.

  • Performance: Identify the performance of your NFT assets and campaigns against KPIs and benchmarks – allowing reporting on key statistics and ROI measurement.
  • Network: Explore individual transaction information and monitor the health of the blockchain network that powers your NFT solution.

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