While enterprise blockchain continues to climb its way up the boardroom agenda there remains a problem… despite the undeniable benefits that blockchain unlocks (efficiency, data integrity and cost savings being just a few) many organisations are struggling to utilise blockchain technology in a way that drives real value for their business. Complex processes, platform scaling constraints and an inability for many platforms and providers to interoperate with existing IT infrastructure has hindered the adoption of enterprise blockchain at scale. But there is a solution… introducing Protokol.

Protokol are an enterprise blockchain services provider with a difference — simplicity. Our straightforward approach makes integrating blockchain into your organisation easy. We deliver custom solutions that plug right into the very heart of your business, working with your existing infrastructure, and not against it. No waste, less complexity, and minimal disruption; just a tailored solution built to address your unique challenges.

In this way we simplify the process of implementing blockchain technology for your business. Our streamlined project cycles, combined with interoperable and adaptable solutions reduce the burden on your internal teams, limit the resource and investment needed, lower the barriers to entry and help you leverage blockchain technology quickly and effectively.

Experts in Blockchain Technology

Protokol have a proven track record in the blockchain space. As a branch of, a leading blockchain development company, we’ve already built up years of experience in developing blockchain solutions for developers, projects and businesses around the world.

Co-Founded by key members of ARK, we build on industry-leading blockchain platforms through our professional services; to deliver custom blockchain solutions, tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges.

By combining highly-adaptable blockchain platforms with experts in business transformation and solution delivery, we’re helping organisations leverage blockchain technology in a way that adds real value.

Who We help

From startups, to SMEs to enterprises, Protokol help businesses across all geographies and industries to unlock the benefits of blockchain for their business.

Whether you’re in Media or Manufacturing, Supply Chain or Sports, blockchain technology can help your business drive efficiency, increase transparency, facilitate collaboration and unlock opportunities for new revenue streams.

Why Businesses Need Blockchain

Far from the early hype, blockchain technology is now recognised as a key strategic tool for enterprises. In the 2019 Deloitte Global Blockchain Survey, 53% of executives agreed blockchain was a critical priority for their business and fell within their top five strategic priorities. With a further 27% of respondents agreeing it was an important strategic tool (although not necessarily in their top five priorities).

But why is blockchain so important for businesses in 2020? Well in a competitive global business environment where challenges surrounding collaboration, operational efficiency, data security and data integrity can dramatically impact profitability; utilising blockchain technology to address these challenges enables businesses to gain a welcome competitive edge. With its ability to eliminate intermediaries, orchestrate enterprise ecosystems and build networks of trust, blockchain technology is quickly becoming a critical instrument of innovation.

But despite its recognition as a key strategic tool, enterprise adoption of blockchain has been cautious. The broad lack of in-house blockchain capabilities, combined with issues around scaling and integration have plagued organisations who are attempting to adopt blockchain technology at scale.

A Straightforward Approach

That’s why we’ve created Protokol. We want every business to be able to leverage the power of blockchain technology. It’s our mission to simplify a complex process by taking a straightforward approach. In short, we want to help connect businesses with blockchain solutions that they really need and that they really understand.

How We Help

Protokol’s range of blockchain professional services deliver everything you need to leverage the power of blockchain technology for your business. Whether you’re looking for strategic blockchain advisory services, custom blockchain development or to upskill your in-house development team, we deliver.

Our core blockchain services include:

  • Blockchain Discovery: A consultancy-led service uncovering your challenges; the strategic implementation of blockchain technology to address these challenges, compliance, governance & audit guidance and solution advisory.
  • Blockchain Engineering: Bespoke blockchain development services and blockchain integration. Whatever your idea or use case, our blockchain engineers turn your vision into reality; developing solutions that work in harmony with your existing infrastructure.
  • Blockchain Support: Our scale and support services help you take your blockchain pilot or implementation to the next level; with training, maintenance, support and bespoke network scaling.

Bringing Your Use Case to Life

Cutting through the complexity to achieve real, measurable benefits from blockchain technology can seem difficult. While your use case might be clear, the path to implementation is often not. With many enterprises struggling to move their blockchain implementations out of the innovation lab and into full production; pairing with a provider that’s able to deliver fully-integrated solutions that solve your challenges and add real value is crucial to success.

Protokol’s experts will guide you every step of the way from planning, to production, to ROI. Our consulting and development services not only help you bring your use case to life, but ensure that your use case generates real, measurable results quickly and efficiently.

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To celebrate the launch of Protokol, we’re offering a limited number of complimentary video consultations with our blockchain experts.

We’ll help you understand the use case for your business and show how your organisation’s key challenges around operational efficiency, data security, data integrity, traceability, privacy and more, can be addressed by utilising blockchain technology.

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