Protokol are pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Kilgarriff to our advisory board. Matthew’s appointment will be one of the first steps in Protokol’s creation of an ecosystem of businesses that will support companies preparing for the implementation of Digital Product Passports (DPPs).

As part of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) and Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) the use of DPPs will soon be mandated to improve the traceability of products. This year will be crucial for businesses preparing for this mandate and navigating the complexities that come with it. As a leading provider of custom Digital Product Passport solutions, Protokol is supporting businesses by bringing together a collection of partners, advisors, and experts that specialise in all areas of the value chain. The formation of this partner ecosystem will mean that any organisation in need of support in the creation and implementation of DPPs has access to a holistic solution, regardless of where they are in their preparation.

For the past two decades, Matthew has led the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting strategy at leading global luxury goods group Richemont. As part of his role, he defined the design and integration of ESG digitalisation systems across the group, built a global team of functional experts in ESG reporting, and gained a deep knowledge of circular economy theory and practices. With his extensive experience in and knowledge of ESG reporting and regulatory considerations, Matthew is very well placed to offer guidance on the upcoming regulations, and provide insight on how DPPs can support sustainability goals and ambitions, and how best to move forward with implementation.

Matthew Kilgarriff said: “Joining Protokol’s advisory board is an exciting step for me in helping to solve challenges that businesses in the EU and beyond are facing when it comes to implementing DPPs. 2024 is a landmark year, the first when mandatory ESG reporting becomes a staple for many companies. Protokol recognises the power of industry collaboration, particularly for foundational systems like Digital Product Passports, and with the creation of this new partner ecosystem, businesses of all sizes will have a robust starting place to help them in their preparation for the EU mandate.”

Lars Rensing, CEO of Protokol comments: “We’re thrilled to have Matthew joining the Protokol advisory board and supporting our exciting new effort. By bringing together partners with knowledge and specialisms in various parts of the DPP ecosystem, we can be sure that we’re providing businesses with a solution that takes into account the nuances of their existing operations and processes. Our aim is to ensure that companies are set up with a future-proof solution that not only complies with EU mandates, but also unlocks real value and evolves in line with business needs. Matthew’s appointment is the first step in this effort and with his extensive experience in the ESG space, he’ll be a great guiding force within the team.”

Protokol welcomes interested partners and experts to join our DPP ecosystem, and our advisory board. For more information, please reach out to us here, or email [email protected]