Žan Kovač, a Senior Blockchain Developer at Protokol has been named as a winner of Web3 Development Platform Alchemy’s “SDK Developer Challenge”. Creating “Alchy CDK” using the Alchemy SDK, based on a gap he saw in Alchemy’s tooling, Kovač’s winning submission is a modular implementation of various components which interact with the Alchemy Web3 Platform and AWS Cloud. Kovač was selected as one of seven winners from hundreds of submissions.

The Alchy CDK libraries, built on top of the Alchemy platform and utilising the Alchemy SDK, provide a powerful and efficient way to enhance dApp development.

Consisting of two key components, Alchy Webhooks and Alchy Integrator; the Alchy CDK allows developers to use the Alchemy Platform in the cloud and simultaneously simplifies provisioning of AWS resources in the cloud.

Alchy Webhooks

Alchy Webhooks is a powerful library that leverages the capabilities of AWS and its CloudFormation service to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure for applications. Webhooks are an incredibly useful tool for developers that enable two systems to communicate and pass data across. These needed to be configured manually for Alchemy Notify. Alchy Webhooks streamlines this process and enables developers to automate the setup of Alchemy Notify webhooks, and securely setup webhooks secrets and signing keys. Built around two main constructs “initializers” and “queues”; initialisers allow the user to provision initial Alchemy Notify webhook setup automatically and initialise webhooks to notify for NFT activity, address activity, dropped transactions, and minted transactions. Queues enable the developer to adjust their application at runtime, by providing a simple way to execute specific updates when needed. Queues include “update NFT activity” and “update address activity”. A snippet from Alchy Webhooks below:

A simple runnable snippet of Alchy Webhooks. View the docs for more detailed information:

Alchy Integrator

The Alchy Integrator gives developers a middleware between Alchemy Webhooks and popular messaging applications. In practice, this enables messages to be sent to users on platforms such as Discord or Slack, triggered by various transactions or activity on the blockchain. The Alchy Integrator library utilises the AWS CDK allowing developers to integrate it with their AWS Infrastructure.

A simple runnable snippet of Alchy Integrator. View the docs for more detailed information:

Kovač chose to enter the competition after spotting areas for improvement when working on various projects for Protokol. He noted:

“I had already been thinking about the need for a CDK that automated manual processes such as provisioning webhooks for Alchemy Notify, so when I saw the challenge I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to develop this use case into a useful tool. For the Webhooks in particular, Alchy CDK can really save a developer the time and effort of manually creating webhooks for Alchemy Notify. Not only will the tool be useful for clients or projects that we’re working on, but by publishing it as open source, other developers can use the CDK to save time and enhance their own projects.”

Now the contest is complete, Kovač intends to continue development on Alchy CDK to create a powerful tool for developers that continues to expand the ecosystem. Features and functionality will be polished as well as adding flexibility to the library. As the code is open source, end users (developers) will have the option to replace certain parts with their own implementations. Future developments for Alchy Webhooks will include an adapter to select a service for api keys or storage for signing secret transactions; while plans for Alchy Integrator include S3 support for templating and the addition of more messaging platforms.

On behalf of Protokol, a big congratulations to Žan and thank you to Alchemy for selecting Žan as a winner.

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