22 September, 2020: Protokol, the enterprise blockchain provider, has launched to simplify blockchain for the enterprise market. The company creates and delivers tailored blockchain solutions that solve real business challenges quickly and effectively, and open up new business streams to boost revenue opportunities.

Gartner predicts that the business value-add of blockchain will grow to over $176 billion by 2025, and exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030. However, despite many understanding that blockchain is a key strategic tool, enterprises have so far taken a measured approach to adoption. The broad lack of in-house blockchain capabilities, combined with issues around scaling and integration, have plagued organisations attempting to adopt blockchain technology at scale. This is where Protokol comes in. The company is founded on one key principle: simplicity. It aims to help businesses truly understand and leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, guiding them every step of the way from planning, to production, to ROI.

Protokol is offering solutions across the whole blockchain development lifecycle, from digital advisory for those seeking to prepare for transformation and future-proof their business, to strategic blockchain consulting services and custom blockchain development, to upskilling in-house teams, maintenance, scaling and support. Using the highly adaptable ARK blockchain platform as a foundation, Protokol’s technology is designed to integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure rather than replacing it. All of this means that blockchain implementation becomes far simpler and more streamlined, making ROI realistic rather than future gazing.

Lars Rensing, CEO of Protokol and Co-Founder of ARK, said: “Blockchain technology can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean using it has to be. We work to ensure our clients truly understand and benefit from our blockchain solutions. This ranges from blockchain consultancy, to going into a business in the early stages and helping them to understand where blockchain might fit into their wider digital strategy. This allows us to reduce the uncertainty and barriers to entry surrounding blockchain, and implement solutions for our clients that really address the challenges in their business; enabling them to drive efficiencies, improve profitability and remain competitive.”

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Protokol was founded by key members of ARK, a leading blockchain platform which, along with a dedicated community of developers, has spent years, building a wide variety of different solutions for developers, projects and businesses around the world. With this shared experience, Protokol brings a unique understanding of exactly how this technology can be applied to solve real-world problems for enterprises.

Rensing continued: “Enterprise blockchain was always a goal of ours, but we didn’t want to jump in before the technology was mature enough to solve real business problems. As well as fully battle-testing the platform in an open-source environment, we have poured everything we learned from the ARK community over the last three years into Protokol, and now we have a powerful and adaptable enterprise-grade platform which not only makes integration simple, but also means we can create and implement custom solutions much quicker, efficiently solving business challenges to enable fast ROI.”

Following years of intensive research and development, blockchain technology is now in a position to finally deliver business value at scale. While the financial industry has certainly been a frontrunner in adopting blockchain technology, Protokol has identified a number of other key target industries where blockchain can add the most value and impact: sports & esports, telecoms, manufacturing, supply chain, energy & utilities, IoT and media & entertainment. It has a wide range of flexible solutions for these industries such as digital assets (NFTs), which enable the creation of provably-rare & provably-unique items that can’t be destroyed, replicated or forged. For industries like sports and entertainment which are constantly looking for new revenue streams, this means that they can issue digital collectibles, which are verifiably unique and can be traded or sold amongst their fan base. Sports teams can also use blockchain to issue fan tokens, an innovative revenue stream which is already being adopted by some of the world’s leading clubs; helping to boost fan engagement, particularly amongst international fanbases.

Protokol is also focused on creating an adaptable digital identities framework for blockchain-based digital identities, which allow digital information to be managed and stored more securely using blockchain technology. This has a number of benefits for both individuals and enterprises, including simplifying and reducing the time needed for Communications Service Providers to manage customer data, as well as mitigating the chance of litigation or large-scale data breaches. Plus, by creating secure digital identity solutions that are highly adaptable and fully interoperable, Protokol is helping enterprises innovate, open up new business models such as “identity-as-a-service”, and keep customer’s personal data safer than ever.

Protokol’s blockchain experts are now available for consultations on where blockchain can add the most value in your enterprise. To book a consultation with our blockchain experts and begin creating a use case for your organisation, visit:

About Protokol

Protokol is a full-scale blockchain provider that offers a range of blockchain services, products and solutions.

All about simplicity, our streamlined and phased approach to service delivery minimises complexity and reduces the barriers to entry for implementing blockchain technology. Whether acting as a full solution provider, consultative partner or system integrator – we deliver tailored blockchain solutions in an open and inclusive ecosystem to help your business turn complex blockchain technology into tangible business outcomes.