Protokol are excited to announce our selection as a technology partner by the team behind Disconnected NFT.

Disconnected is a dynamic NFT that raises awareness of an important humanitarian issue and encourages action from the world’s governments. With United Nations datasets showing that 37% of the world’s population has never used the internet, the project aims to highlight how disconnected some parts of the world remain, caused by the lack of internet access in the developing world.

Disconnected is a unique, dynamic and evolving NFT that tracks global internet connectivity rates. It will develop over time, with an evolution in the NFT imagery as more people become connected to the internet.

Luke Millanta, the founder of Disconnected and Chief Technology Officer at Hive Gaming created the project as an innovative way to bring attention to the need for access to a free and open internet for developing countries across the world.

“I wanted to push the boundaries of what NFT technology could be used for, by creating artwork that not only has a purpose but that evolves to reflect the state of the challenge that it is highlighting. Disconnected is a dynamic visual representation of the state of internet connectivity across the world.”

Protokol were selected as the technology partner to bring the vision of Disconnected to life. Utilising a broad technology stack, Disconnected utilises solidity smart contract programming language and is deployed on Polygon due to its adaptability, lower fees and proven suitability for use cases of this nature.

Millanta states “We selected Protokol as our technology partner due to their knowledge and expertise in the NFT, Web3 and Blockchain space. The project was rapidly brought to life by the team who shared not just the end result, but their knowledge and experience along the way.”

Disconnected will be showcased via a number of temporary installations, starting at the legendary Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne between June 24th –26th. From there, Disconnected will appear in a number of prestigious locations, including Commonwealth place in Canberra between July 1st – 3rd, and Martin Place in Sydney from July 4th – July 6th. Following the showcase, the Disconnected NFT will be sold via public auction in late 2022.

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About Disconnected

Disconnected is a one-of-one, dynamic, evolving NFT artwork that leverages United Nations datasets to track global internet connectivity rates. Disconnected will evolve over time, continuing to grow as more and more people are connected to the internet.

Based on current data, 37% of the world’s population (approximately 3 billion people) have never used the internet. Disconnected has been created to raise awareness of this fact and encourage the world’s governments to do more in ensuring their citizens have access to a free and open internet.

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